Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Visitors (February 24 - March 2)

This week we had a visit from Oma and Opa.  Both the kids had so much fun with them.  It is too bad we don't get to have them visit more often.

2/24:  Brenna tried out the bouncy chair at the playground for the first time.

2/24:  Sunday morning donut in the back of the donut shop, post bike ride.

2/25:  Playing with Oma.  Brenna covered her in big, slobbery kisses.

2/25:  Liam sharing Brenna's toy.  It took some prompting, since initially he just wanted to steal it.

2/26:  A new sticker chart to work on some skills that need reinforcing (like playing nicely with Brenna and washing your hair).

2/27:  A t-shirt and leggings are not Brenna's best look.

2/27:  Liam relaxing in Ravioli's bed.

2/28:  Playing with Liam's Thomas puzzle (thanks Aunt Jana and Uncle Nick for this great Christmas prize!).

2/28:  Liam playing in his caterpillar tunnel.

3/1:  Opa and the kids all sharing a toy.
3/2:  Sharing lunch with Oma at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

3/2:  Digging, scooping and dumping gravel at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Oma managed to wrangle Liam a shovel, which totally made his day.