Wednesday, April 3, 2013

That Guy (March 17-23)

We started the week with the end of Potty Party Weekend and a big prize.  And we ended the week with a new visitor, Friend Kevin.  Or, "That Guy" as Liam called him until he could remember his name.  "That Guy" is the name Liam gives to anyone whose name he cannot remember.

3/17:  The grand final prize of Potty Party Weekend.  Liam has been dying for a real big boy bike and was thrilled to earn it by doing so well all weekend.

3/18:  Who needs to crawl when you can stand?  Looks like Brenna may just skip crawling altogether.

3/19:  If she cannot get in the tub, Brenna at least wants to see what is going on.

3/19:  Liam had a few toys in the tub with him.

3/20:  If she cannot get her hands on the Playdoh to taste, she'll try the Playdoh cutters.

3/20:  Liam decided to give Dadda a pedicure with the Playdoh scissors.

3/21:  Someone really likes mac & cheese.

3/21:  Liam has gotten really good at stacking up blocks.

3/22:  So happy to be out in the fresh air.

3/22:  And so happy to be out on his big boy bike.  And sporting his brand new sweater, which he just had to try on.

3/23:  Saturday night stroll to get burritos.

3/23:  Walking home from dinner with "That Guy" who Liam wanted to "Holda Hand".