Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Messes (January 6-12)

Ok, I haven't been the best photo taker either.  I missed a few days this week.
1/6:  Brenna covered herself in puree from a pouch!  Self feeding at its finest.
1/6:  We went to the diner for dinner and, as we waited for our table, an employee of our favorite donut shop ran out from a bar across the street with a bag and a "purple donut" for Liam.  They had set it aside all day but we never stopped by.  So, he took it with him just in case he saw us.  On the bag it said, "Cute little blonde boy."  
1/9:  Out for a stroll while Liam rides his balance bik and Ravioli corrals the crew.

1/9:  Post bath chocolate cookie.  You know, because you cannot have a clean face for too long.
1/10:  Liam is down the hall and Brenna must see him!

1/10:  Liam scoops and digs and dumps with his new tractor.
1/11:  Brenna on her play mat.

1/11:  And Liam on his.  It was a hard day (teething).
1/12:  Sitting pretty!

1/12:  "Hupside Down!" while playing "Under Covers!"