Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ravioli (December 14-20)

It was another fun week.  Another week with lots of rain.  But we managed to get outside for fun and have some fun inside too.  This week, Ravioli made it into a lot of that fun and a lot of pictures.  The kids really love her - we all do!

December 14:  It wasn't raining, so we headed to Dolores Park, to slide on slides.

And chase pigeons.

"Momma, momma, take our picture!"

Liam skipped nap time to head to soccer, in Italian, with his classmates.  He likes to have the correct accessories.

As you might imagine, soccer with 10 four year olds can be a bit chaotic.  But the coach was great.

And Liam did awesome.

Paricularly for a kid that hasn't even really had soccer (his class at 18 months doesn't count as real soccer).

He loved it.  Loved being with friends.  Loved the coach.  And that made it so fun to watch.

All the kids did great.  They even did a little scrimmage at the end.  I took Ravioli with us and she cried the whole time.  I am not sure whether she was upset that she couldn't keep an eye on Liam at all times or that there were a dozen soccer balls that she couldn't play with or maybe some of both.  But I am not sure I would bring her again!

And Liam got some time in with some of his besties.  He was tired by the end and did take a short nap once we got home.  But it was such a success!

December 15:  Naked legos.

Brenna has been really nice and gentle with Ravioli lately, petting her, giving her hugs and and telling her she is a good dog.

She is a good dog.

December 16:  Another rainy day.  So we decided to do some Christmas crafting.  

Glue, construction paper, markers, crayons pom poms, and googley eyes.

We should do some more crafting this Christmas season. 

December 17:  More bedtime shenanigans.

This time with a pillow fight.

December 18:  Playing fetch with Ravioli.

They both had a great time.

Brenna was just being a wonder woman ladybug.  And dancing in the hallway.  She does this funny leg move, like she's trying to do ballet.  We've got to get her into a ballet class.

By bedtime, Ravioli is always worn out.  She always glares at me if I don't give her the corner of the sectional, with a pillow to sleep on and one of the kids' blankets.

December 19:  We got invited to a Christmas party across the street from this house - the Tom & Jerry House.  It is a San Francisco original and part of our recent Christmas traditions.

Santa was there, but Liam was not so sure about sitting with him and Brenna was sure she did not want to.

It is the most elaborately private decorated Christmas display I have ever seen.  Can you imagine the electric bills?

After the party, we went back outside.  Santa was giving out candy canes and singing Christmas songs with the crowd and talking about generosity.  He asked everyone to shake hands with the person next to them and wish them a Merry Christmas.  It was a nice, warm, neighborhood night.

December 20:  The kids are not feeling 100%, so we had a quieter Saturday at home.  

We did a little painting.

In pajamas, of course.  Brenna loves her new Frozen pajamas, although she would prefer pajamas with just Elsa (no Anna!).

While Brian hung Christmas lights, we rode bikes up and down the block.

Then we went to the diner for some lunch.  And games with Dadda's hat.

And then to the playground, which had the biggest puddle ever.

Brenna was in her element.  Wonder woman shirt, sparkly skirt, and froggy rain boots for jumping in puddles.  

What a busy week.  And next week should be even more busy, with Christmas and visitors and no school or work.  Ravioli must be resting up.  She was asleep before bedtime.