Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tradition (December 15-21)

We're gearing up for Christmas this week and trying to set up some of our own traditions.  We made ornaments, baked cookies, made gifts, and saw the Nutcracker this week.  Can you tell we're pretty excited for Christmas?

December 15:  We went to a holiday party for Brenna's preschool (La Scuola).  One of the parents dressed up like Santa and we waited in line (patiently) for our turn to sit in his lap. 

When it was our turn, Liam was really excited.  Brenna was not happy.  And Liam was annoyed that Brenna was ruining his moment.

After nap, we made some salt dough ornaments and then painted them and covered them in glitter glue.

Brenna and Liam both really enjoyed this Christmas activity.  I think we'll make this a new tradition!

Breakfast with Buzz Lightyear and his trusty assistant.

Poor Ravioli cannot eat a treat in peace.

Liam got an ornament in the mail from a friend today. 

Brenna was pretty sad that she couldn't help open it.  Luckily, she liked the card.

The gift was an electric guitar ornament.  At first, Liam was really upset that it was not a real electric guitar (tears and all).  But when we figured out that it made music, all was forgiven.

December 17:  It was one of those nights where we wanted to go for a "diventure" after dinner.

To pick up a basket full of ice cream treats.

Day made.

December 18:  We made cookies to hand out to friends and teachers tonight.  Both Brenna and Liam helped cut out sugar cookies.

Liam helped me decorate gingerbread men and sugar cookies.  Can you tell how much he liked making cookies?

Brenna lost interest after a while and played with Brian.

End result:  bags of cookies, cards and hot cocoa snowmen for babysitters, friends and preschool teachers.

December 19:  I dressed Brenna in this 2T dress today.  It barely covers her butt.  Someone has been growing.

Liam is really into scissors and practicing cutting.  Now that he is willing to use a scissor with one hand, he's getting pretty good at it.

December 20:  Liam woke up feeling pretty sick with a cold and nasty cough this morning.  So it was a morning to lay on the couch with his lovey (Nigh Nigh), truck pillow (from his bed) and "Sissy's blanket".

Be careful around pesky little Sissy.  She'll steal your vitamin (and almost anything else) when you are not looking.

This picture is as chaotic as lunch at my office with Liam and Brenna actually was.  But we all had fun and they entertained many of my coworkers.  It was the last day of work until after Christmas!

Liam and I began another tradition:  we went to see the Nutcracker!

Before the show, he was pretty excited.  But, he was feeling a bit sick and tired, so after intermission, he was ready to head home.

Think he had fun?  Whispering and staying awake in the dark were hard for him, but he did a pretty good job.

While we were at the show, Brenna and Brian did some dancing to Fantasia.

We got home in time to get in PJs and read stories for bedtime together.

December 21:  We decided to stay low key at home, since Liam was still feeling sick.

Liam and I also made another gingerbread.  He did a really great job decorating it.

We have been getting a lot of packages in the mail, with Christmas approaching.  Today, Brenna got a a sweater that Oma made for her.  And it fits great!