Monday, September 30, 2013

Exploration (September 22-28)

This week started at a recently relocated science museum, The Exploratorium, that we had never taken both kids to visit.  And it ended at a new playground that we haven't taken both kids to before, Precita Park.  In between, there were lots of the usual adventures and play times.

September 22:  We decided to head downtown to check out the new Exploratorium, a hands on science museum that relocated to the Embarcadero.

We also decided to join the museum so we can come back whenever we want.  Luckily, a snack cup can help you get through a line.

And luckily they had some fun things to check out even before we got inside the museum.

Both Liam and Brenna liked playing with these magnets.

And we all had fun with the spinning sand.

There was a lot to see. 

This ball run was made out of toothpicks.

Brenna loved this glass wall, which listed all the names of the big donors to the new museum. 

At the back of the museum, on the Bay, they have tables and a restaurant.  We brought some of our own food and also picked up some items from the museum.

From our table, we were able to see some of the America's cup race, including the winning Oracle boat.

And the New Zealand boat, following behind.

It was a fun day for all, as this big smile when we got home shows.

September 23:  After work, we headed out for an "adventure".  Sometimes an adventure includes a "pit stop" at a corner bench.

While I got dinner ready, Liam did some "hard work".

While Ravioli supervised.

September 24:  Another evening, another adventure.

He's looking so grown up these days.

Our deck was recently installed and Liam (and Brian) were really excited to try it out.  We couldn't open the doors, so Brenna and I were trapped inside.  So, of course, Liam "rooooaaaaaarrrrreeedd" at Brenna through the glass.

The roaring didn't deter her from wanting to get out there with him, though.

September 25:  In the morning, Liam and Brenna went out for a walk to get donuts for the guys working on our house.  Liam went as a "worker guy".

Dipping pretzels in peanut butter and Nutella = Happy Brenna on a bit of a sugar high.

It's hard to get a picture of Liam smiling these days, because he's usually telling a story.  Often with very animated hand gestures.  Usually about trucks.

Brenna has a fun new habit of throwing things, like items from our sensory bins (here, aquarium gravel).  She thinks is it hilarious when you tell her no, shaking her head and grinning.

Brenna also really likes the piano right now.  She plays with a lot of volume and gusto, like she does most things.

September 26:  Just up from a nap to head to her class at La Scuola Internazionale di San Francisco (La Scuola).

After class and back home to play (in a new outfit, since the nap outfit was covered in mac and cheese, not suitable for school!).

We spent some of the evening playing trains.

September 27:  Just home from a nap at Mr. Clair's house, with a juice box (that he buys for them) and a snack cup of Chex Mix (that he buys for them).  So sweet.  They are so lucky to have such a good buddy.

We had a movie night:  Aristocrats and pizza!  I ordered some special treats from Google Shopping Express.  Brenna decided that the bag was perfect for peek a boo.

Liam wanted to play too.

So, of course, Brenna tried to rip the bag off his head and ended up with the handle.

She's not always as sweet and innocent as she looks!

September 28:  Another warm, sunny gorgeous Saturday.  We got some things done around the house and then headed to Precita Park.  Brenna was excited, so she started high stepping (her move of enthusiasm).

Liam did some climbing, with my help.  He's anxious to try out new things these days.

And was pretty happy when he got up on the curvy ladder.

And then, of course, there was some running. 

Brenna checked out all the bigger kids playing.

There were two birthday parties going on, so lots of kids and balloons and other interesting things to take in.

Lots of fun and lots of rosy cheeks.