Saturday, May 24, 2014

Smiles (May 18-24)

Lots of happy faces this week.  Grins with snacks.  Lots of giggles in the bath.  Posing with animal friends.  Playing new games.  And returning to a favorite museum.

May 18:  Someone has gotten really adept at getting into the snack drawer and picking out snacks.  Today, she just plopped down in front of the drawer with some freeze dried apples.  And a grin.

Our fourth little caterpillar was way behind his friends, but he made it to a butterfly.  And he wasn't anxious to leave.

The kids got to get a really good look at him, while he stayed in Brian's hand.

We even got a posed picture before he took off.

It was my birthday, and the kids gave me this awesome card.

I'm not a big cake fan, so we had this chocolate peanut butter trifle instead.  Brenna just ate the whipped cream off the top, but the rest of us enjoyed it a bit too much!

May 19:  Our babysitter, Anny, has gotten really advanced with Brenna's hair.  This day she even did some small braids.

Playing in the bathtub.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Spitting water is fun!

And they both think each other are hilarious.

May 20:  We got some new bubble wands, since one of our carpenters crushed Brenna's butterfly bubble wand.

Kid tested and approved.

At school today, Liam got this balloon and he thought it was hilarious.

A little early morning art.

With his art critic.

Still hilarious.  (Oh, and after a recent growth spurt, Liam is super slim again.)

Playing in her bed, newly freed of the gate on the side.

More bath smiles.

Liam did his own "dinosaur hair".

And Brenna did her own soap.

May 22:  We had an arborist come trim up our avocado tree.  The kids were very interested in their truck.

Newly shorn tree.

As we were picking up all the avocados that fell in the trimming, we discovered a slug on an avocado, so Liam immediately began talking to his "slug friend".  

While Brenna was busy - once again - removing her shoes.

May 23:  This week, we also got our master bedroom deck finished.  Ravioli approves.

The kids liked it too, except their feet were a little hot from the direct sun.

And then this happened:  our kids eating pizza.  Like regular people (not just some toppings).  We're hoping it is not a one time thing, since Brian really likes to make pizza.

May 24:  We were back at the Bay Area Discovery Museum today.

Brenna played some instruments and played with the washers.

They both did a little gravel digging (of course).

They played on boats.

Did some chasing.

And some art!

There was also a cool light table with magnetic tiles.