Monday, May 12, 2014

Vacation (May 4-10)

Vacation.  A whole week of vacation.  We all needed it.  And we all loved it.

May 4:  We arrived in Cayucos, on the central coast of CA, just after lunch.  Even though it was nap time, we decided to check out the beach first.

Despite being tired, the kids were happy to have their feet in the sand.

After naps, we headed back to the beach.

It was cool and the wind was picking up, but the sun was shining.

There was sand to dig and Ravioli had a ball to fetch.

Ravioli was in her element.

We even made a few sand castles.  First day of vacation conquered.

May 5:  The sun was not shining our second morning, but our spirits were high.

We scraped sand and collected shells and rocks.

We smiled.

We gathered water for sand castles.

And, Ravioli played ball.  And asked to play more ball.  And whimpered about not playing ball.  And barked to see if we were sure we shouldn't throw the ball some more.

In the evening, we checked out the playground up the beach, in town, instead of digging sand.  It was too windy to dig, even for Liam.  Now, that's windy.

It had a pretty great slide.

We checked out the candy store and introduced the kids to salt water taffy.

May 6:  The wind was really blowing and it was cold, so we decided to skip the beach and drive north 30 minutes to check out the elephant seals.

They picked a pretty nice place to molt.

This crazy elephant seal was talking up a storm and trying to bite his own flipper.  Liam and Brenna thought that was pretty hilarious.

We scooted back to our rented house for lunch and to meet our friends who drove up from LA to spend two nights with us.  We got the kids fed and then down for naps.  After naps, we went back to the beach in town.  Liam and Hayden instantly hit it off.

Brenna and Hanah were also kindred spirits in their swings.

It was fairly cold and windy, so we went back to the house to play some more.

Amazing how two little girls who hadn't seen each other since they were only a few months old, can be fast friends.

May 7:  It still was not warm, but it was not as windy, so we headed to the beach in the morning because every kid loves to dig.

Brenna insisted on wearing a towel like a cape, of course.  With her watering can.

She is so happy by the ocean.  She just giggles as the waves crash in and then pull back out.

Ravioli was still pretty happy, too.

Liam and Brenna wanted to try out their wetsuits.

Liam was more enthusiastic than Brenna about his wetsuit.

Snacks on the beach.

We decided to go out to dinner with the whole crew.

Even with other friends around, these two love to hang out together.

Well, these three all had a lot of fun.  Poor Hanah was not feeling well, so she missed the fun.

Luckily, we had a little section to ourselves so these crazy kids could just play.

May 8:  The sun was back out!  And we were all happy to be back on the beach.

We did some work on a big hole.

Danced in the sand and spotted birds.

Ran some laps.

Ran some more.



And raced.

Then we had to head back to the house, so we could grab lunch and say goodbye to our friends.

We decided to head downtown for lunch and some pictures on the pier.

How cute are these four?

But getting a picture of all of them together turned out like this.

And this.

It was so nice to share some of our vacation with friends.

Plus, friends can take your family vacation picture!

And you can take theirs!

We raced off to our last lunch together.

Posing for pictures.  Or, "Take a picture of me?  Can I see it?"

These kids, they melted me.

Can you tell they had fun?

Luckily, they still have each other.

May 9:  Our last full day of vacation.

We headed to the beach early because the wind and fog were supposed to pick up mid-morning.  We started with some more work on our hole.

Explored the sand.

Did some deep thinking.

Played with Ravioli.  This is the look she gives when you say the word "beach" even when you are at the beach.  Beach obsessed dog.

Who can blame her, right?

The fog and wind picked up, as predicted.  But not enough to fly our $1 kites.

We headed home to attend to our caterpillars.  We had 4 cocoons that needed to be moved into their bigger home before the became butterflies.  The kids were fascinated.

Liam even took some pictures.

We couldn't leave the beach without having a little ice cream.  

Even if it was cool out.

And getting in some last trips on the slide.




And a couple more trips down the slide.

May 10:  These two were not too excited to leave the beach.

The loved napping in the bunk beds together and sharing beds overnight.

Playing around during our last breakfast in Cayucos.  We'll definitely be back!