Monday, May 12, 2014

Entertainment (April 27-May 3)

It was a week full of entertainment:  "cheese" faces, pantless dancing, jumping, singing, dancing, and an epic playdate.

April 27:  Late in the morning, we took a walk through the puddles to get some lunch.

This is Brenna's "cheese" face.  She asked me to take her photo so she could see it on the back of my camera. 

This is Liam's posed picture.  Half the time he wants me to take his picture so he can see it, the other half of the time he screams, "Don't take my picture!"

I woke Liam up early from his nap for this: "the best playdate ever!"  Or, a meet up at a local firehouse that we purchased at our preschool gala. 


I would have paid a thousand dollars for this experience for Liam.  He had the best time.  He wore all his gear and told the firemen that he'd been fighting fires all morning.  

He got to use the firehose.  The fireman (firewoman?) said, as Liam stepped up to take his turn, "Let's see how the fire chief handles the hose."  Classic!

The kids all learned a bit about fire safety, like how a fireman looks in all his fear and to stay low to avoid smoke.  These firemen were awesome with the kids - so patient and engaged and friendly.

Yes, the best playdate ever.  Thank goodness we had planned to meet Brenna and Dadda for ice cream after, because I am not sure how else I could have gotten Liam out of that firehouse.

April 28:  Blowing bubbles without pants on the deck. 

Followed by some pantsless dancing, of course. 

And a big bow.

April 29:  A little "science", which basically means pouring water everywhere.  This session mostly involved pouring water on the deck and hearing it hit the cement below.  Repeatedly.  Oh toddler curiosity.

Someone was having fun!

Serious fun!

First ponytail!  And another cheese face.

Digging in the backyard quarry on a warm day in long sleeves and pants.  That's what he wanted, even if he was sweating. 

Kid requested cosleeping.  Is this not the cutest?

May 1:  It was Liam's spring program at school.  Here is Liam seated and ready to start.

Liam was really into this show.  He'd been singing songs for weeks, so we had a bit of an idea what we were in for.

He sang, he danced, he gestured, he used props. 

His favorite song was Twinkle Twinkle, in English and Spanish. 

Isn't he the cutest?

Brenna was there, too, but I didn't get pictures of her because she clung to my lap.  Later, I managed to get her blowing bubbles in the falling apart hair style that her babysitter did with her hair.

May 2:  Brenna was feeding her granola bar to our friend's baby (announcement). 

More pantsless dancing. 

Brenna has moves.

Liam does, too.

It involved some spinning in circles, which leads to dizziness, which leads to falling down, on each other.

And sometimes just falling over, no falling on each other.

May 3:  Our caterpillars were getting ready for to cocoon.  

We got some new-to-us chairs for our living room.  Out with the blue chairs that don't match the fireplace (and newly picked but not done paint).   

Silly me, when I shopped for chairs, I didn't contemplate their jump-worthiness.  Luckily, they are kid approved.