Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Butterflies (May 11-17)

This week our caterpillars turned from cocoons to butterflies.  We loved watching them emerge, dry out their wings, eat, fly around their home, and then fly off into the world.

We also did a lot of the usual fun things:  art, chasing, donuts, bubbles, digging, playgrounds, diventures, popsicles, pillow fights, haircuts.  You know, the usual week with a nearly 3.5 and nearly 2 year old.

May 11:  With the help of our awesome babysitter, Laura, the kids made me this beautiful art for Mother's Day while Brian and I were off having some kid-free time in the middle of a Sunday.

We picked the kids up some donuts while we were out.  Perfect post nap snack!

Once they were fueled up, we headed back outside for more fun in the sun.

Hard at work at the quarry (or, our backyard dirt pit).

May 12:  Just another evening of chasing down the hallway.  They initiate play with each other on their own now, which is awesome. 

Someone loves playing with her big brother.

Sometimes a chase turns into hopping frogs.

And a tour of the spice cabinet (because I was trying to cook dinner).  No idea why spices are so fascinating, but they are!

May 13:  One of our butterflies hatched from its cocoons!  We missed him emerging, but got to see his wings dry off and expand.

We made some sugar water and watermelon to feed him.  And Brenna.

While Liam is at school on Tuesdays, Brenna has been going to gymnastics.  She's a different gymnist than Liam was at this age - eager to try new things and follow along (he had favorite activities and did not care to partake in the obstacle course as a whole).

In the evening, it was still warm.  We were having a bit of a heat wave.  So, we played outside.

Then we had to attend to an unexpected plumbing repair at our rental property, so we all took a walk over there to check on the progress of the repair.  While Brian talked to the plumber, the kids ran laps around a tree, of course.

As a reward for our work, we walked a bit further for popsicles.  Liam waited to have his until he got home, but Brenna worked on hers on the way.  Evening popsicle weather in San Francisco!

May 14:  Our babysitter took the kids (Liam in his Obi Wan Kenobe outfit, of course) to the coffee shop a couple blocks away and got them milk in coffee cups.  They loved it!  They only wanted to drink out of these cups all day long.

Our backyard strawberry plants have yielded two small beautiful berries.  Yum!

Three of our 4 butterflies were now out of their cocoons and ready for the big wide world.  In the evening, Liam helped carry their house outside and unzip the top.

We had to encourage them to leave.

But then one and then another took off for the sky.

The third one stuck around for a while, so we got to watch him a bit longer.

But eventually he flew away, too.  Liam said goodbye with his beauty queen wave.

May 15:  Pillow fight in Brenna's bed!  Poor Brian is under that pile of pillows.

And then some accessorizing, of course.

May 15:  Brian took Liam to get his second haircut at the regular old "big people" salon.  Brenna stayed home with our babysitter, who came by just for the occasion.  Liam had a blast and loves his "dinosaur hair".

Once I got home from work, we celebrated the coming weekend with some music and horsey rides.

And, always, more chasing (with baby!).

May 17:  The warm weather was long gone, but it was still nice and sunny.  So we headed to the playground.

Both kids love the slides.

And climbing.

And just playing around.

We took a lunch break on the "boat".  Liam's lunch train was about to fall of the edge of the boat, so he asked Brenna's boat to help.

Then we did some more climbing.

And lots of climbing up to the top of the big slide so Brenna and Liam could ride down together (although Brenna insisted on holding my hand as she started down the slide).  She's learning to trust her brother, but she's still often looking for my help, too.