Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lucky (March 16-22)

It was St. Patrick's Day this week.  The kids wore their St. Patrick's Day shirts (Liam wore his twice!).  We were lucky to have more beautiful warm weather, lots of time outside, lots of play and giggles and chasing and digging.  And treats, too.

March 16:  Liam requested burgers for lunch, so we headed for the diner.  But, he didn't want to leave until almost noon so by the time we got there, the list and wait were long.  Luckily, tickles help pass the time with giggles instead of screams.

While waiting, we were identified as just the suckers we are.  So Brian bought both kids a little guitar from a guy walking down the street.

Luckily, they helped pass the time too.  They are actually kind of nice guitars, tunable and everything.

Liam really wanted some cookies and cream ice cream ("cookies kind!") since he ate a good lunch.  But the diner was out.  So, we went to another shop to find it.  

And then we headed home.  

March 17:  Brian wanted me to snap a picture of him with the kids in their green St. Patrick's Day shirts.  Brenna wasn't so keen on that idea.

Liam somewhat willingly posed for pictures solo.

And so did Brenna.

March 18:  I made the kids robots out of our Rok Blocks.

Then they found these old pool noodles and started smacking each other with them (and me).

Couch fort has morphed into a couch slide.

Ta Da!

(Liam is rewearing his green shirt because it they celebrated St. Patrick's Day at his school)

March 19:  A new package of hair clips arrived in the mail.  And Brenna had to try them all on.  At once.

Then Liam went fishing in our drain.

And tried to pop bubbles with his mouth.

Parallel play.

And playing together.

With vans and cars and motorcycles.

Then it was time for a popsicle.  They don't self push their popsicles yet.

Post bath naked racing.  This is one of their new favorite things.  It actually gets them out of the bath, which is a plus.  Without screaming even.  Then they have a path that they race around their bedrooms, the hall and through their bathroom.  One part of their path takes them underneath Liam's bed, of course.

March 21:  Ring around the rosey; Pocket full of poseys; 

Ashes.  Ashes.

We all fall down!

March 22:  Backyard digging is still very popular.

And serious work.

Ravioli is a snack helper.

Oh that face.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Warmth (March 9-15)

This was a week of awesome, warm weather.  Sunny skies.  And lots of time outside getting our Vitamin D.  Liam wanted to spend every waking hour in the back yard digging, but we managed to get him out of the house a couple of times.

March 9:  Brenna, Liam and I met up with some friends at the Dolores Park playground.

Oh these two and how they play together.  Even when they each have a friend at the playground they could be playing with.  Buddies, indeed.

I brought a picnic lunch.  And there was a bake sale at the playground.  Win.  Win.

After lunch, there was some running and chasing on the grass.  And lots and lots of giggles.

March 10:  On Mondays, our awesome babysitter, Laura, spends the morning and early afternoon with Brenna and Liam.  They usually ask to take a bath when she's over.  So she usually picks a second outfit out for them.  She put this cute ensemble together for Brenna.

These two pictures sum up Liam's week.  Every morning and all day long, all he wanted to do was dig in the back yard.  The dirt was dry, the sun was shining, and the trucks were ready.  There was lots of digging.

Brenna did a good bit of digging, but she really likes all the play kitchen toys as well.  She was making jello for me, she said.

March 11:  A little pre-dinner crafting.  Brenna with crayons and Liam with scissors.

More sticker chart success!  Liam has been asking for a jack hammer.  He meant a truck with a hydraulic hammer (yes, I am that Mom that knows the correct names of all trucks).  Those toy trucks are quite hard to find (and quite expensive).  So, a jack hammer would have to do. 

Doesn't he look excited?  Gloves, protective eyewear, headphones, and jack hammer ready to go.  He slept with his jack hammer, if that gives you an idea of how much he likes it.

Brenna got a ukelale.  She was really happy with it, despite the expression on her sweet face in this picture.

March 12:  It was another warm night.  We opened up the windows upstairs during bath time to get some cool air in the bedrooms.

Brenna and Liam built some houses with foam blocks in the tub.

Then Liam painted his house.

Which meant Brenna needed to paint hers, too.

And her belly, of course.

March 13:  This is how the kids spent their day.  Again.

They did manage to play inside a little bit, too.

Spinning in circles.

Copying Brenna.

This week Brenna is really into this dog guitar.  She likes to push the button to play songs.  She pushes it until she gets just the song she wants.

And then she dances.  Not normal kid dancing.  She's really serious about it.  And you are not allowed to dance with her.  Or sing.  She'll tell you so.

Unless your Liam.  Then you can dance.

She'll even join in.

I got some new shoes.  So, of course, Brenna had to try them.

And Liam, too.  He actually walked quite well in these 3" heels.

March 14:  A little TV (can you tell from their blank stares) and chalk.

With a little musical interlude.

March 15:  Brenna, Liam and I decided to spend the 75 degree weather at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Marin.

We didn't spend too much time at any one place. 

Of course, we had to do some digging in the gravel.

And drive some boats.

There were trains and fish.

And cranes.

Plus, plenty of sunshine.

But the best spot for both kids was at the little stream, playing with the fish and frogs.

After getting totally soaked, I thought to put some aprons on Brenna and Liam.

But Brenna still did plenty of splashing.  Perfect for a warmer than usual March Saturday.