Monday, March 10, 2014

Fashion (March 2-8)

This week Liam had a salon haircut experience and came out with an awesome new 'do.  Brenna sported some new outfits and cute diapers.  And we had lots of fun experiences at home and around the neighborhood.

March 2:  Liam and Dadda spent much of the morning doing "hard work" in the pantry, installing some new shelves.  Liam was actually a good helper and really enjoyed it.

Brenna was not too interested in helping.  

After a hard day of work, it is good to rest under a blanket on the couch.  Weekend accomplished.

March 3:  The riding toys are back in action in the house.  And Brenna is now Really Fast on hers.  She and Liam loves to race up and down the halls and around the kitchen island.  Ravioli loves to get in their way.

They also love racing with their mini Dyson vacuum cleaners.

March 4:  Both Liam and Brenna requested a breakfast reading session.  Go Dog Go!

Playing together in the bath.  Never gets old. 

Bath time giggles.

Liam was pretending to eat fish in the bath.  Maybe that means he's subconsciously considering eating actual fish?

March 5:  This is one of their favorite games.  They like to play it with either of us.  It involves them chasing each other through your legs until they knock you off balance.  Endless fun.

March 6:  Another day, another basket to sit in.

Brenna still loves strawberries. 

Toddler Fashion Moment:  I wasn't sure how this jumper would work, but it is just the cutest thing ever.  I need to get more.  Easy to play in too, since it crosses over in the back but is otherwise open, so it moves freely.

The lizard was eating a hippo, of course.

And then he burped.

What is better than one toddler in a basket?  Two toddlers!  

Liam has started mimicking Brenna more than she mimics him.  A sign of the budding friendship and how well they play together most of the time these days.

Our cash register exploded coins everywhere.

Make that our toddlers threw play money all over the floor.  Fun times.

March 8:  A beautiful warm sunny day and a brand new haircut for Liam.  He was way overdue - hadn't had his hair cut since before his birthday.  And we were ready to try a real salon and a real style (not the kiddy hair cut place anonymous boy hair cut).  It turned out great and Liam was a pro.  And now he really looks like he lives in the Mission.

After the haircut, we stopped at a playground on the way home.   

Brenna has a new sliding technique, which involves a mid-slide turn onto her tummy.  Silly girl. 

Liam was roaring into this parking garage to hear his echo.

And we ended the day (and this post) with some pants-less outdoor cooking, of course.  Check out those new cute diapers, folks.  And oh that super cute chef.