Monday, March 30, 2015

Posing (March 22-28)

The kids still cover their faces and/or my lens plenty of times.  But they are also having fun these days posing and playing for pictures.  Liam likes the blurry moving pictures I can take on my cell phone.  Brenna likes to strike a pose in the outfit of the moment.  Lots of funny pictures this week of their posing.  And lots of other fun, too.

March 22:  Friend Sue came over during naptime and the kids were so excited to see her when they woke up.  She humored them with some balloon rockets.

Later, we dyed some Easter eggs.  When both kids simultaneously threw an egg in the dye and cracked it, they were surprised with what happened.

And then Liam decided that he and Brenna should wrestle.  They had never really tried before and were not entirely sure what to do, but they had fun.  And so it begins.

March 23:  On the way home from school, the kids and Brian stopped at the pet store to get food for Ravioli.  And they got to pet a cat!  Happy happy kids.

When I got home, the kids were in the back playing with their playhouse and other toys. 

And there were tickles in the nest chair with Dadda.

March 24:  It was a "home day" as Liam calls them.  So they went to the diner for lunch and the playground nearby to run it off.

Liam has a new game where he jumps around on the bed and has be take pictures.

He thinks these are just hilarious.  So we spend a lot of time doing this.

Brenna likes to get in front of the camera and make faces.

And dance.

And take selfies.

March 25:  Liam's new response to the question "what do you want for breakfast/lunch/dinner?" is "something I have never tried before".  So, for breakfast he decided to help me make dinosaur french toast.  And he insisted he needed a chef hat.

Can you guess what came in the mail today?  I am looking for a ballet class for Brenna, so I grabbed her one of these.  Instant love.  She even slept in it. 

We're back to reading Magic Treehouse books.  We're in the upper teens this week.

Tooth brushing buddies.  Usually Liam just invites Brenna to sit next to him and then immediately bans her from getting up (not nice!).  But tonight he let her sit next to him.

March 26:  Another "home day" at the playground.

And then to the diner for lunch.

More bedtime jumping and posing on my bed. 

Brenna was busy tending her baby and making faces at me. 

This girl.  The hands on the hip.  The toe pointed.  This is her go to pose these days.  

March 27:  Brenna was curled up in her nest, pretending to sleep.

More posing.  Hand on the hip.  Toe out.  This time with her sparkly pink bag.

Jumping with his bouncy ball, this night. 

Happiness is jumping in a giant bed.

Brenna's unicorn got a ride in the pink purse.

Brenna had taken her purse to school.  She started pulling things out of it - the underwear she wore to school in a plastic baggy because of that accident on the playground and a pink key from Children's Fairyland that she says belongs to her bestie.  After checking with her bestie's mom, we found out that they have never been to Children's Fairyland.  I guess this purse was less curious than when Liam came home in his friends' underwear.

March 28:  Spiderman (Liam) had a playdate at our house with his buddy Batman (who came to the playdate as Superman).  They had a blast.

At the same time, Brenna was at a birthday party for a classmate.  She sat patiently and got her face painted like a sparkly princess. 

Both kids were happy to be reunited after lunch and catch up on their mornings.

After naptime, the kids were outside playing with Brian while I was doing a couple things inside.  I came out to join them and Brenna said, "I'm dirty!".  Yes, pink sparkly princess.  You are dirty.

Liam was busy having a snuggle with Dadda.  We're trying to give the kids more one on one experiences with us.  It definitely makes everyone appreciate it each other a bit more.  And it is nice to have that individual time.