Friday, March 6, 2015

Potty (January 18-24)

Potty trained!  This week we celebrated Brenna being out of diapers.  Two weeks ago she decided she was ready and it stuck.  That is quite a thing to celebrate around here.  We've been changing diapers for more than four years straight.

January 18:  More Sunday soccer fun.

Welcome home!  Ravioli loves to bring us presents when we get home.  Today it was a sparkly pink purse, of course.

More bedtime antics.  Tooth brushing is fun!

We've been reading lots of Magic Treehouse books.  Both kids like them, but Liam is slightly obsessed.

January 19:  We had a day off school and work, so we met up with friends at the zoo.  We got there first, so we played a bit on the playground.

Such a big kid.

Brenna set up a tea party, with a spot for each of us.

January 20:  A little pajama sofa dance party.

More bath time fun.

When did Brenna get tall enough to reach the things we put up in the cubby where she couldn't reach them?

Liam rediscovered wrinkly fingers from the water.

Picking out books.  Brenna is interested in Thomas and Liam is loving his Magic Treehouse books.

January 21:  A little breakfast cereal picnic on the couch.

January 22:  More bedtime pillow fort antics.

Just goofing around, playing with toys and each other.

January 23 - I missed a day.  It happens, but luckily not too often.

January 24:  Morning pillow fort on the couch.

And some art.  Brenna really gets into her work.

This lego box is a staple.  Liam takes it upstairs at naptime every day now.

While Liam was at soccer, I took Brenna out to pick a toy to celebrate being potty trained.  She decided just to do it two weeks ago and never looked back.  We really didn't have to help her at all.  She picked a pinwheel and a hat and then we got her an ice cream.

Dinner.  Brenna loves spaghetti.  And Liam has been eating like a growing boy lately.  We're still working on expanding his palate, though.