Friday, March 6, 2015

Costumes (February 1-7)

Lots of pretend play and dress up and costumes.  Brenna and Liam play together, creating characters and stories.  It is fun to watch their imaginations play off one another.

February 1:  Liam's buddy Nico had a super hero birthday party at the same park where Liam had his party.

Both Brenna and Liam were more than happy to come in costume.

Wonder Woman even managed to fly.

Liam got a little upset at cake time because everyone (his buddy and Brenna) were elbowing him out at the table.

So we found him a spot by the sand with plenty of elbow room.

Wonder Woman and Super Man on the swings.

All was good and Liam and the birthday boy got a little time to hang out post cake.

February 2:  Just a normal day at our house with lots of pretend play and costumes.

And the pillow forts are growing in size and becoming spaceships.

February 3:  More bedtime fun, with the race to the blue chair for tooth brushing.  Liam typically gets there first and then taunts Brenna.

Hiding in Brenna's bed.

February 4:  Liam was pretending to be some sort of super hero or robot or Star Wars guy.

And he pretended to die.

And Brenna comforted him.

February 5:  Dessert!  Brenna likes to eat mini Magnums, except she only wants the vanilla ice cream on a stick.  Luckily, her dad is willing to help her out and eat off the chocolate and caramel.

Bath tub giggles.

February 6:  Brenna has gotten really interested in petting and hugging Ravioli.

I got a new phone, so we had to test it out with selfies on the couch.

February 7:  Friend Matt is in town!  And he went with us to the Exploratorium.

This place never ceases to leave Brenna and Liam totally enthralled.

Friend Matt seemed to like it, too.

We never run out of fun things to do and see there.  And it is even more fun with Friend Matt in tow!