Friday, March 6, 2015

Duet (February 15-21)

This week there was some singing and music and lots of playing together.  Sometimes playing music together.

January 15:  Another Sunday at Glen Park playground.

Brenna is really getting creative with her outfits.

Liam is getting pretty good at soccer.  And - most importantly - really loving it.

February 16:  More bedtime fun.

Liam was trying to run away from me, so I couldn't take his picture.

And then some hugs for our fearless bedtime dog.

February 17:  We found some fun new (to the kids) noodles.  They fit on their fingers!  Another successful meal.

February 18:  It was Carnival at school, so the kids got to wear costumes.  Brenna went as Wonder Woman.

That face.

Toothbrush silliness in the mirror.

February 19:  More serenading by Liam.

Brenna found some hair clips she liked.

While the kids were in the tub, Ravioli was snuggling with Brenna's doll.

We are still enjoying the bath tub paint.

Brenna only wants to paint with the pink and purple.

Liam was making drinks for us to pretend to drink.

Nice to end the day with smiles like this.

February 20:  We finally are getting around to finishing our bedroom closets.  Brenna loves being able to pick out her own clothes from the baskets, shelves and rods.

Liam's closet is not yet done.

February 21:  Morning snuggles with Ravioli on the couch.

Making instruments and music.

Quite a duet.