Friday, March 6, 2015

Creativity (January 25-31)

We had a couple new things today - Liam tried a new fruit and we went to a new to us museum.  A fun start and end to the week.

Janaury 25:  Liam tried a new fruit!  And liked it.  So now he will eat oranges and raspberries.  Brenna loves oranges.  She made an orange snowman.

Another Sunday, and another soccer class.  Brenna was fully decked out in her finest to show her support.

Four and five year olds playing soccer is still really cute.

More fun at the playground.

Liam is getting more confident with his climbing.

The weather was great and we really enjoyed spending some time outside.

January 26:  Pillow fight with the Dadda monster, a.k.a. the tickle monster.

And bedtime antics in Liam's bunk beds.

January 27:  Brenna has a blast painting herself with bathtub paint.

Towel burritos.  The kids like to get dried off from their bath, wrapped up, stumble around and then unroll themselves on the floor.  Sometimes Ravioli is already passed out and in the way.

January 28:  More crazy bedtime antics.

More crazy bedtime antics.

January 29:  Toilet paper and a doll.  You can guess what is going on here.

Just a really happy kid.

My Christmas gift to myself - a treadmill - arrived.  Liam is mildly obsessed.  

Can you tell that we like bath paint?  Best stocker stuffer ever.

January 30:  Our little pink rockstar.

Brenna and Liam throwing the ball for Ravioli.  She loves it and they do too, so long as she drops the ball for them.  They are getting good at giving her commands.

January 31:  Ravioli crashed Brenna's tea party.  And drank all the water out of the cups.  Brenna was not impressed.

Liam had a birthday party at the Children's Creativity Museum.  Brenna couldn't join, but got to play in the museum.  We had never been before and it was pretty fun!

They have these foam blocks like at the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

And dress up, and puppets and a big chalk wall.

And we got to ride the carousel.

A really fun day in gorgeous weather.