Friday, March 6, 2015

Carmel (February 8-14)

We spent most of the week down in Carmel and Monterey.  We rented a small house with a fenced yard and took Ravioli.  We were all so happy to be at the beach and spending time together out of our regular routine.

February 8:  It was a cold, rainy Sunday.  So we decided to go to the movies and see Paddington.  It was great.  And these little buddies make most anything fun.

February 9:  Breakfast around the island with Friend Matt.  We're tired of peeling hot dogs for the kids, so we're making them peel their own or just eat the peels.  Enough of peeling hot dogs.

Pantless bouncy balls on the couch.

February 10:  Jumping around on the couch.

Brenna's got a pretty good jump, now.

And some couch gymnastics.

February 11:  We decided to take a couple days and head down to Carmel for a vacation.  We picked the kids up after school on Wednesday and drove right there.  First stop, the beach!

The kids were thrilled.  

Ravioli was too.

We didn't stop for bathing suits, but we did bring our sand toys.

We're really a beach loving family.

Especially this one.

Pretty quickly, both kids got soaked and down to their underwear.  Perfect late afternoon.

February 12:  We were staying about 15 minutes from the Monterey Aquarium.  So we headed there first thing.

Liam loved the octopus. 

Brenna kept her distance a bit more

The jellyfish were really cool, too.

There were some really cool interactive exhibits.

And this nautilus, who the kids spent quite a while talking to.

And then Liam talked us into taking this big guy home.

Luckily, Brenna was satisfied with a baby penguin in a purse.

We decided to stay out past nap time and go to the beach.

Ravioli was happy to spend some time with us.

And Liam was in his element in the sand.

February 13:  This is the face of a dog that got to spend the day at the beach.

These two just played and had a blast.

After naps, we had a bit of a tea party.

And then we went for a bit of a trail hike to get sticks.

So we could roast marshmellows back at the house we rented.

What a fun, relaxing, gorgeous day.

February 14:  We drove back home, stopping at a beach in Half Moon Bay on the way.  We had an awesome time away, but were a bit tired and sad to be back from the beach.