Friday, March 6, 2015

SIberia (January 4-10)

This week we played "Siberia" with a cardboard box, raced cars, bounced, made forts, danced, sang, and painted.  We played with friends and each other.  But most importantly, we laughed and had lots of fun.

January 4:  We tried to go to the Randall Museum to see some local animals, but forgot it is closed on Sunday.  So, we headed to the zoo instead.  It was a cold morning.

Brenna really wanted to ride the train, and Liam wanted to go to the playground.  So, we split up and met for lunch.

The kids got their first taste of cotton candy.  Liam (our sweet tooth) loved it.  Brenna made a sad face and said, "Yuck!  This tastes like sugar!".

Brenna also worked really hard to win the title of peskiest little sister.  

While the kids were napping, my friend Sue came over.  She stayed to play and have dinner with us.  Liam and Brenna love her.

January 5:  Liam has really been enjoying all the extra magnatiles they got for Christmas.  He has been making more and more elaborate things.

Fun with a cardboard box!  We "shipped" the kids to Siberia.  

One of the most fun games ever.  You get in the box, get covered up, go on a "bumpy ride" and then get opened up in Siberia.

And these, well, these are just for blackmail when Liam is older.

January 6:  Brenna needs tea (water) and milk for her tea parties.

Both kids got a little tablet time in.  Liam is really into a bunch of games now.  Brenna likes to use the tablet on the potty.

January 7:  A box can be fun once it is taken apart, too.  

More complex Magnatile creations.

And some original music by Liam.

And some Let It Go from Brenna.

Janaury 8:  These tape roads were stocking stuffers.  Liam has been rolling them down our main hallway and racing cars.

Making a pillow fort with Brenna.

But if any of the pillows get "broken" or put away, Liam gets really upset.

January 9:  Movie night with treats and popcorn on the couch.

Brenna hugged her snacks.

More pillow fun.

And a dance party.

We have a really long bedtime routine (takes over an hour from start to finish), but the dance party and pillow fort part of the routine is always a blast.

January 10:  We had a birthday party for Liam's school friend, Reid.  Brenna fully embraced the bounce house.

We had no doubt Liam would be in the bounce house for hours, too.