Friday, March 6, 2015

Playgrounds (February 22-28)

We spent the beginning and the end of this week at some great playgrounds.  Enjoying out beautiful, warm, sunny February weather while the rest of the country is snowed in.

February 22:  Sunday soccer.  We went early for a playdate.  And one of Liam's buddies took a shine to Brenna.  Just the beginning of this kind of stuff, I bet.

Brenna and Dadda watched soccer.

While Liam counted all the goals he scored (and it wasn't a game).

February 23

February 23:  Drawing with chalk.  Brenna was upset that she couldn't draw a princess.  And Liam was trying to bother her by erasing everything she drew.

Hiding in a laundry basket.

Brenna loves bandaids.  Whenever she bumps her foot, she needs a bandaid.  She's actually pretty good at putting them on.

February 24:  More fun in the tub with bubbles.

And then we used up all our paint.

Then stories and snuggles and good nights and lights out.

February 25:  When I got home from work, Brian was organizing the garage and Liam and Brenna were playing games on their tablets.

So, we got outside to run around.

Draw with chalk.

And ride bikes.  The sky was gorgeous and the weather was warm.

February 26:  Bedtime dance party.

Liam has not yet figured out that if Brenna pikes a book he likes and he then picks another book he likes, he gets two books he likes.

Instead, he gets mad that Brenna picked a book he wanted.  Oh, preschooler logic.

But the disappointment doesn't last long.

February 27:  Playing around with mustaches.

And a Brenna dance party.

Love these crazy kids.

February 28:  I took the kids to Dolores Park for the morning.

We had a snack on the equipment.

And they played together. 

And they played alone.

We pretended to be on a spaceship.  And taking a nap on it.

And then we got lunch and ice cream.  Perfect Saturday.