Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring (March 1-7)

This week really feels like spring in San Francisco.  The pink flowers are falling off the trees, plants are flowering, and it is warm enough for bare arms and legs.  We've been enjoying the warm days and evenings.  And we are looking forward to more sunlight next week.

March 1:  Sunday at Glen Park playground.

With our little soccer star.

And his biggest fan.

Brenna and her baby penguin on the swings.

And one happy and tired little athlete.

March 2:  We got a Kiwi Crate tonight and got right to it, while Dadda cooked dinner.  We made a soccer field and a basketball hoop.

Listening to music (and watching music videos) at bedtime.  

And a little late night sprint.

In pajamas and ready for stories.

Racing cars in the bubbles.

And coloring (we're out of paint, so back to crayons).

Started to get a little crowded in the tub.  I'll be sad when our tub sharing days are over.

March 4:  I have been trying to figure out a dinner solution that doesn't involve me cooking every night.  So, tonight we tried Munchery, a meal delivery service.  Total fail.  The kids wouldn't even eat the cookie out of the kids meal.  They prefer a fresh, home cooked meal (lucky me).

Brenna was calling her school buddie using her Magnatile phone.  She made one for me, too.

Building towers, but not wanting to share the blocks.

Jumping on the bed.

Getting a pillow space ship together in Brenna's room.

March 5:  Dadda put together this play house we had stashed in the garage.  The kids love it.  And the weather is perfect to be outside, even in the evenings.

Sharing crayons and paper and drawing out on the deck before dinner on a warm spring evening.

March 6:  Out for an evening ride.  We are looking forward to daylight savings time so we can do more evening rides.

Dadda was trying to get the tv working in the apartment.  Brenna got sick, so we were resting downstairs on the pulled out sofa bed while he worked.

March 7:  We went to a little community center just 4 blocks from our house to get some skateboarding lessons and ride scooters.  We met up with some friends there, too.

Brenna is still sick with the flu, but she managed to get some riding in.

This guy was whizzing around the empty basketball court, making friends with the skateboarding instructor.

Brenna was more interested in drawing, though.

And Liam and our friend got in on some art, too, together.