Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sick (March 8-14)

It was a week of sick.  Brenna entered the week sick and didn't feel better until the end of it.  Liam was sick in the middle of the week, but seemed to spring back much more quickly.  Of course, the parents got the cold part of the illness (but seemed to skip the flu).  We all cannot wait for this terrible flu season to be over.

March 8

March 8:  Another Sunday of soccer.  Liam is getting pretty good at it!

While Liam was at soccer, Brenna was at home, sick and sleeping.

After naptime, Liam and I made clouds in a jar.  He was super interested in how it worked and how the steam came out when we opened it up.

Brenna didn't want to help.  Or do much of anything.  Rough day.

March 9:  We got Brenna out of the house, in a stroller and covered in her purple blankey.  But we got her out for a post-dinner popsicle run.

We're pretty happy about daylight savings time.

Brenna wasn't happy about much.

March 10:  Another rough day for Brenna.  She didn't make it out of her pajamas.

And she was not happy to take a bath.  Liam usually does this when Brenna screams.  He's still pretty noise sensitive.  We got Brenna out of the tub quickly and then Liam was able to get some peace and play.

We're back to reading Magic Treehouse Books (14-17).  And with Brenna asleep before bedtime, we could do a whole book a night.

March 11:  Two kids down with the flu.  And two kids home sick from school.  Our TV is broken - terrible timing for a sick week!  So we did some tablet time instead.

They managed to have a little fun, even though they were sick.  And Ravioli was happy to play nursemaid.

March 12:  Liam was feeling a lot better, but Brenna was still complaining that her ear hurt.  So, to the doctor they went.  We decided while they were there to get Liam his MMR booster because there is a measles outbreak in California.  Only 1 MMR shot (you cannot get the 2nd until you turn 4) is 93% effective but the 2nd shot gets you to 99%.  Worth the tears.

While waiting for Brenna's antibiotics for her ear infection (thank goodness for 2 children that can tell you when they are sick and where it hurts!), the kids and Dadda looked around PetSmart.  And Brenna got to pet a bunny!

Brenna was in much better spirits, despite the ear infection. 

And Liam can blow his own bubbles!

At bedtime, Liam was in a great mood.  He was making pillow space ships and goofing around.  

Brenna, on the other hand, wasn't doing so well.  Poor sick girl.

March 14:  It was a long, rough week.  But the weather was warm, so we decided it would lift everyone's spirits to spend the morning at the beach.

Ravioli totally approved.

Liam was totally in his element, loving the water and sand.

Brenna perked up a bit and played in the sand.

Liam playing catch with Dadda.

And throwing the ball for Ravioli.

Happy salty sea dog.

And a much happier Brenna than we had for most of the week.  The beach is always a spirit lifter around here.