Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ka-pow (February 23 - March 1)

The week started out with the continued visit from Oma and Opa.  They left Wednesday morning and the rest of the week just was not quite as exciting and high energy.  But Liam still finds lots of time to chase and "ka-pow" in his cape.  Or with his light saber.  Or light up sword.  Oh boy.

February 23:  Oma and I took the kids out for a donut while Opa and Brian worked on some projects at home. 

While Brenna and Liam worked on donut number two each, the fog burned off and the sun came out.

This crazy girl tries to squeeze herself into any box.  If she fits, she sits!

February 24:  Brenna made herself right at home after breakfast: climbing onto the couch, grabbing her beloved "kitteeee" and pulling the throw up over her lap.

Oma and I took Brenna and Liam to the playground at Dolores Park while Brian and Opa worked at home.  It was a beautiful day and the playground was fairly empty, since it was a Monday.

Liam is getting pretty fearless.  Of course, he did ask for help getting back down.

We played a little peekaboo (initiated by Liam) in the rock structures.

Liam's beloved backhoe and a couple new sand toys came with us, too.

This slide is really the best. 

In fact, it is so fun that even Oma gave it a couple tries (thanks to Liam's pleas).

February 25:  It was Oma and Opa's last full day and they spent a bit of time outside playing with Opa.

Brenna loves to go down under the deck and back up again. 

Liam found a couple worms and invited them on top of his tractor, of course. 

Brenna and Opa did some hard work. 

I got a chance to take Brenna to her preschool playgroup class, since I had take the day off.  Her teacher read her the Pingu book twice!  Can you tell she loves it?

February 26:  Oma and Op left in the morning.  We all decompressed a bit in the evening after a fun filled long weekend.  With jello, of course.  

Not sure why kids love jello so much, but they do.

February 27:  There was not a lot of enthusiasm to get the day going this morning.

Brenna having a sip of milk before heading off to school.

They celebrated Carnival at school, so of course Brenna wore her best butterfly christmas tree costume.  With light saber, of course.

Before dinner, we had a light up sword fight. 


Liam had lots of interesting moves.  He likes to "ka-pow" with his fists or his sword. 

Brenna put up more of a defensive strategy.  Good team work.

February 28:  It was a stay-in-jammies-all-day kind of Friday.  Complete with butterfly wings and a cape, of course.

We did our usual movie night, but decided to throw in our first sundae making party too.  Liam was pretty excited about the ice cream, waffle bowls, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and - of course - sprinkles! 

Brenna loved putting hers together, too, but she doesn't have as much of an appetite for sweets.

March 1:  Oh how Brenna loves shows.  Everyone's shoes.  Including Brian's boots.  Not sure how she can walk in them.

Liam was having a low energy day.  More rain, so we all felt that way really.

Bath time may be the happiest time in our house.  These kids are still in a bath loving phase. 

Fun with cups.

More fun with cups. 

And of course a post-bath naked romp around the upstairs.