Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home (February 16-22)

We spent a lot of time at home this week.  Lots of time in pajamas.  Playing inside and out.  Chasing.  Tickling.  Reading.  Giggling.  

February 16:  Brenna, Liam and I made new rainbow rice.  I first made some for Liam when he was around 1.  It still holds his attention.  Perfect for "doing hard work".

Brenna loves it too.  Unless it is stuck to the bottom of her feet.

Teething is hard work.  Brenna has been tired and cranky with four canine teeth budding.

February 17:  Fun on a slide.  Brenna can climb up and slide down on her own.  Victory!

"More tickles!"  What kids ask for more tickles?  Mine.

February 18:  Multitasking and marble racing.

Naked post-bath reading.  They went to pick out books and couldn't wait to get their pjs on to start reading.

February 19:  Brenna loves these butterfly wings.  And Liam loves his cape.  Brian was forced into the Olivia backpack, though.

Christmas (jammies) in February.

And picking out bedtime books (again).

February 20:  Brenna and Liam were being robots, with boxes on their heads.

And attacking Dadda.  With supervision, as always, by Ravioli.

February 21:  Brenna insisted on a shirt, shoes and no pants.  The pigtails were my idea.

Liam wanted to be "no pants", too.  Not only does Brenna mimic Liam, but he mimics her, too.

I picked up Oma and Opa on my way home from work.  Opa got right on the floor to play a board game with Liam and Brenna.

And did a bit of post-dinner dancing.  What a good sport.

Someone is getting really good at stairs.

February 22:  Here is a strange Brenna fact.  She likes my feet.  She'll snuggle my feet, particularly it seems when she's not feeling well.  I was busy making breakfast for everyone and she really just wanted a snuggle.  So, she got down at my feet.  Strange girl.

We all went to the Exploratoriam (again).  Opa might have been the most intrigued by the place.

But Liam and Brenna still love it, too.

We found a lot of new things we hadn't seen before.  The music and lights grabbed Brenna's interest, in particular.

Waiting for Opa.  He was having such a good time we often had trouble finding him!

It was a beautiful day, so we ate lunch outside and got to climb on the outdoor exhibits, finally.

Liam loved this thing.  He climbed all around it.  

Totally unstaged.  Geniune smile.  Opa just having a blast with his grandkids.  Love.