Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Giggles (February 9-15)

This week there were so many giggles.  And tickles.  And chase.  The weather remained dreary most of the week, but we made up for it staying inside and being together.

February 9:  Sunday morning.  Rain.  We stayed in our pajamas.  And made really ugly Valentine's day sugar cookies.

The kids were still in their pajamas at lunch.  And during their naps.  They put real clothes on in the evening since we had friends over.  Now that's a lazy Sunday.

February 10:  We played chase.

And tag.  

And gave tickles on command.  Well, Ravioli gave kisses since she doesn't have an opposable thumb. 

February 11:  She's a butterfly princess with a lovey, of course.

He has his lovey, too.  And giggles.

February 12:  Is it spring yet? 

We've been working a sticker chart.  One sticker for each new food tried.  Tonight Liam and Brenna filled up their charts (Brenna is a willing food trier, but who doesn't like a little healthy sibling competition!).  

The reward?  A beloved backhoe.  Liam had been asking for one.  He's in love. 

This little girl is so sassy.  Tonight she wanted to pick out her own pajamas, like every night.  She added a little flair with her hello kitty ("KeeKee!") top and penguin ("Pingu!") bottoms.

February 13:  When Liam is at school, Brenna doesn't have to share the dress up clothes.

More running and chasing. 

Brenna keeps finding the toys I have sorted out of our play area to give away.  This one has renewed life, now.



And Octonauts in the bath tub.

February 14:  For Valentine's day, I got a lap full of jumping toddlers. 

Liam decided to skip a bath (usually one of his favorite parts of the day) in favor of playing with his beloved backhoe.  He loves it that much.

So Brenna got the tub to herself.  She chose "Oka Dots!" for pajamas and accessorized with some sparkly beads, of course.

February 15:  It was supposed to rain - again - so we headed out in the morning to try and get some outdoor time in while it was still dry.  That meant a donut and the playground.

Then lunch out with an ice cream cone for dessert.  Of course, both kids ended up losing most of their ice cream on the walk home.  Much sadness. 

More chase up the hallway, this time with a stroller for Brenna and a ball each for Liam and Ravioli. 

A rainy Saturday night is the perfect night for hot chocolate with marshmallows.  All over yourself.