Monday, February 10, 2014

Rain (February 2-8)

We started and ended the week at the Exploratorium.  In the rain.  It's a great museum, and we're members, but it's also a really great place to go when it's raining outside.  We need the rain since we're in a terrible drought, but it's hard to keep two toddlers inside when it's wet outside.

February 2:  We headed out after breakfast to the Exploratorium.  We'd been only once before, and joined, so it seemed like a good place to go on a rainy day.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize it was free museum day.  So it was crowded!

There is a lot of hands on science to be had at this museum.

The green and red blocks say "Happy People", but that's not quite what we had!  Brenna is teething - again.  Or maybe she never stops.  And Liam just did not approve of this huge chair, for some reason.  Perhaps he was over my photo shoot.

These blocks held our attention for a while.  Liam was stacking them up, Brian was making shapes, and Brenna was destroying the shapes.

They have a simulated tornado of wind.  All the toddlers were really into it and were running around in the steam.

Later, after naps, I got some crafts out to keep the kids entertained.  We're not used to not being able to spend time outside, but were happy for a day of rain.

February 3:  Can you stand the cuteness?  Pigtails!  Real pigtails, courtesy of our babysitter, Laura.  

Brenna also started showing interest this week in her baby doll and her stroller, from Christmas (finally).  She's very nurturing towards it.  She's into her other dolls and stuffed animals now, too. 

Brenna is also really into books.  She is constantly saying, "More Books!" and asking me to read to her.  I love when she settles into my lap for a read.

Liam is still into his guitar.  And drum set.  And music of all kinds.  He sings a lot now, too.  When he's playing, he'll just break out into song.  He knows all the words, too.

And chase.  Chase is a daily event.  He loves when I pretend to be a monster (or anything, really) and chase him.

While I was playing with Liam, Brenna managed to put her rain boots on (wrong feet, but she got them on) and got her baby into the stroller for a ride.

February 4:  While Liam was at school, Brenna had the full run of the train tracks.  And conductor hat.

Then Brenna was at school while Liam was sleeping.  Her class is so cute sitting at their table having their civilized snack (cheese, pineapple, bread and milk).

We've been working on a sticker chart.  One star sticker for each new food tried (licking counts).  Last week, we didn't get many stars on the chart, so I moved it to the fridge.  Totally worked!  Liam is motivated to get stickers again.

After five stickers, they get a surprise.  Liam got his fifth sticker and, therefore, a new truck today.  Think he was excited about it?

February 5:  Just playing drums in a cape.  The usual.  Brenna was playing some, too. 

And then we had some firemen.  Brenna accessorized with a Christmas headband. 

February 6:  Good eating leads to good desserts.  Mini magnum bars for the win. 

Of course, our crazy kids like to eat them with a spoon.

February 7:  I got tickets to a kids concert at a local play space that we used to go to a lot when Liam was little.  I thought Liam - in particular - would be so excited to see the show.  

But both kids were having so much fun playing that when the music started, they were actually annoyed.  They chose to just keep playing instead. 

Brenna had never really had a chance to play there and she just loved everything. 

Liam was big enough to use this swing.  He did a really good job waiting his turn (it helped that there was a cute four year old girl to play with) and spun around the room happily on the swing.

February 8:  Another rainy weekend, so I got out the Valentine's day crafts.  Brenna was really into the paint and shapes.

Liam just wanted to do the PlayDoh. 

When I asked Liam what he wanted to do with his Saturday morning, he wanted to go back to the Exploratorium.  Brian was busy working on some projects at home, so I bundled up both (grumpy) kids and took them to the museum.

Their moods picked up the minute we got in the car and they did great all morning.  Perhaps they were a little cooped up at home. 

The explored a lot of things together, but they also did a good job of staying close and discovering some things on their own.