Monday, February 3, 2014

Ravioli (January 26 - February 1)

Ravioli is in a lot of photos this week.  She's also in a lot of the play.  Both kids just love her and she loves them.  They like to play with her, snuggle with her, and give her treats.  And all she wants is to just be involved in whatever we are doing.  Man's best friend indeed.

January 26:  On Sunday morning, we headed out to grab a donut and go to the playground.  Ravioli loved the donut part, but not being tied up while we played at the playground.  Liam stopped what he was doing, and went to go reassure Ravioli that it was ok.  Such a sweet boy.

Later, he rescued Ravioli from her pole and ran around the playground with her.

Brenna really loves slides these days.  She climbs up and slides down all on her own.  And she really loves it when she gets some speed going.  Trouble. 

Everyone got a chance to play at the playground. 

Later, we stopped to eat those donuts and a few other snacks and drink some water.

Sunday night, Brenna wanted to do some painting.  Liam was busy doing something else, so she even got to use his easel.  Score.

January 27:  Our awesome babysitter, Laura, had a real tea party with the kids in the morning.  They wanted to do it again with me after work.

Liam had the best time with real tea, milk and lots and lots and lots of sugar. 

Brenna loved the herbal tea.  

We'll have to do that more often.

January 28:  Our other awesome babysitter, Kana, got a little braid in Brenna's bangs.  Her hair is still so soft and slick that it didn't hold too well, but it was cute. 

Liam may love books as much as he loves trucks.  And that's saying a lot.

January 29:  Early spring training in our house.  Liam and Brenna were both throwing the ball down the hallway to Brian. 

Of course, Brian was dressed up like a monster for catch.  Because, why not?

Ravioli got in on the action too.  She prefers when she gets to do the catching, though. 

This boy has quite an arm.

January 30:  Brenna's opinions are very easy to read.  Lately, she has a lot of opinions about her clothes.  She loves this cat shirt and asks for it whenever it is clean (that, or the penguin version of this same shirt).  It is barely long enough now, but she'll be so sad when it no longer fits. 

The other things she really loves is baths.  Both kids do, actually.  It's good to be in a pro-bath stage of life.  Much better than when both kids were screaming in the tub.  They love it so much that they wait until every single drop of water is drained before they agree to get out.

Liam also really loves to get wrapped up in a towel "like a burrito" after baths.  I carry him to Brenna's room and unroll him on the rug before he gets his pjs on.  He's such a quirky, crazy boy.  Anything to get that smile.

January 31:  Just playing some music with her shades and light saber.  Another normal Friday night at our house! 

Liam's imagination is on overdrive.  He was pretending to be a dog, toy and all.

We also got back into fort making in the living room.  

Friday night, Baby!

February 1:  Since fort making is popular again, I brought out our green tent and strung it across the living room.  Both kids loved it.

Brenna was being the big bad wolf and trying to knock it down (by laying on it).  She also got some crazy hair from all the static in the tent.

Brenna also really wanted to play with Ravioli.  She kept following Ravioli around with this toy, but Ravioli was not having any of it.