Sunday, January 26, 2014

Treats (January 19-25)

The weather this week was the biggest treat of all.  We spent a lot of time outside, without coats on.  The rest of the country (or so it seemed) was being hit with snow storm after snow storm, but our drought meant lots of great weather in San Francisco.

There are also lots of pictures of the kids having treats.  Brenna and Liam are both so busy these days, that sometimes the only good pictures I can get of them are when they are sitting down to eat.  So, lots of food pictures.

January 19:  It's mid January in San Francisco, but it feels like spring.  

Liam was so happy that we uncovered the sand and water table from under all the mess in our backyard (post construction project).

Brenna had never used the table before, so she was pretty thrilled too.

I was pretty thrilled because Brian washed windows while I played with the kids.

January 20:  We couldn't keep the kids (mostly Liam driven) out of the backyard again today.  

It was warm enough for short sleeves and lunch on the deck.

The kids did plenty of "hard work", complete with the appropriate accessories.

After naps, we met some friends at the playground.

And then stopped for Mexican food on the way home.  All Brenna ate was four cups of salsa.  That girl loves salsa.

January 21:  Another gorgeous day, with lunch out on the deck.

We had some leftover dessert from when we had friends over for dinner on the weekend.  Since the kids ate a good dinner, they got some.  Of course, all they ate was whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

January 22:  Despite the gorgeous weather outside, we were all a bit under the weather throughout the week.  This morning, both kids woke up a bit ill, so they had a nutella, peanut butter, and pretzel stick breakfast.

Of course, Brenna ates a lot of strawberries too.  She's our fruit and veggie eater.  Often that's all she'll eat at a meal.

January 23:  I can never get enough of these two playing together.

Particularly when there are faces like this and accompanying squeals.  

They even dumped Liam's beloved dumper together.  Now that's friendship.

Imagine these pictures in motion.  That's Brenna dancing.  She's got some serious moves.

Brenna was taking a dancing break with the train tracks in the hallway (again).  This time, though, Liam was driving cars up and down the tracks.

And then it was time for costumes.

And running around to whack each other with the light sabers.

January 25:  When we first got to the Dolores Park playground, the sun was just starting to come out.  We had some snacks in the boat while Liam steered.

It warmed up quickly and the coats came right off.

Liam pretended that he was sleeping.  His imagination is so wild these days.

Our friend, Jon, was such a sport.  Liam loves him and Liam refused to let anyone else toss him around like a rocket except Jon.  

Brenna is such a daredevil.  She loves slides and going fast and anything that gets her adrenaline going.  Trouble.