Monday, January 13, 2014

Eats (January 5-11)

It was a pretty normal week here, with a trip to the zoo, lots of playing at home, and the usual hard work.  Plus lots of yummy treats.  I always end up with lots of pictures of the kids eating, because it is one of the few times when one or both of them are sitting still.  Such is live with two toddlers.

January 5:  We met up with friends at the zoo on Sunday morning.  They all love the new playground, including this bridge.

Brenna is really into slides now.

Liam loves slides, too.  The new playground has a lot of slides, including this big one.

Brenna decided to tackle the big slide, too!

Liam did a lot of balancing.   He's getting more brave and independent at the playground.  Well, I guess they both are!

After a while, we decided to grab a snack and go see some animals.

Of course, that mean Lucas and Liam had to chase!

We made our way to the Little Puffer train, of course.  Brenna sat with me.

And the big boys sat together.

In the evening, we all played a little dress up - a monster, a butterfly, and "space robot".

January 6:  Just another evening clipping nails.  Luckily, Brenna does scream and cry (unlike her brother).

Liam worked with his trucks on a site, dumping loads of blocks into his basket. 

Both kids are in a bath loving phase.

When it's time to go upstairs, Liam always asks, "Is it a bath night (please)?"  And then both kids take off running up the stairs.

They play together in the tub, most of the time.  Lots of giggles and splashing each other.

January 8:  After swim class, Brenna had her 18 month appointment.  We all decided to go.  While we were waiting on the doctor, Liam and Brenna played under the exam table.

Liam really wanted to get naked and have a turn getting an exam, but we told him next time.

Our little girl clocked in at 36 inches and 33.2 lbs.  Still off the charts, of course!

Brenna only put on 2 ounces in the past 3 months, but she's working on that with a mini ice cream sandwich for dessert.

January 9:  Liam (and thus Brenna) wanted to eat their rice with chopsticks tonight, because we got a new book this week called "Everyone cooks rice" where the narrator has a hard time eating with chopsticks.

Liam managed to get some rice!

January 10:  Brenna really loves the butterfly wings they got for Christmas.  She always makes me wear the other pair, too.

Liam was Batman and we all chased each other up and down the halls

Luckily, the butterfly and Batman stopped for a dinner of mac and cheese, mini hot dogs, raspberries, and "dip!"  Liam always makes sure to add ketchup as a menu item when he has hot dogs.

After dinner, someone got a little dramatic.  Oh, she's a toddler now.

January 11:  We started our weekend with a trip to the donut shop, of course.  Liam loves these strawberry and cream filled donuts, which of course he eats with a spoon.  But just the filling (he usually leaves the rest of the donut).

Later, the kids and I did some hard work on a cardboard box we've been working on all week.  Brian was busy doing hard work in our garage, which has been a disaster since work started on the house.  Now that the work is done, we're trying to reclaim and reorganize the garage.

Boy does this boy love tools.  I really thought he'd be into dinosaurs by now, but tools and construction and trucks are still his obsession.