Thursday, January 23, 2014

Accessories (January 12-18)

These kids are really into accessories.  Liam loves to match bags and shoes and hats to his outfits.  And he has certain things he likes to wear for certain activities.  Brenna is all about picking out her own clothes and shoes (Liam does this, too, of course) and adding some flair with a necklaces or glasses.  Look closely at the pictures this week and you'll get a sense for what I mean.

January 12:  No polar vortex in San Francisco!  We got donuts and headed to the nearby playground. 

Liam did a lot of climbing and chasing. 

And Brenna really liked this spinning contraption.

Later, Liam played along with some music.

And we made some time to paint.

Just a regular day of playing with an Olivia backpack and dinosaur shoes to match his dinosaur shirt.

Brenna loves this one song she sings at her preschool playgroup.  It ends with clapping and "Brava!"  She wants to sing it all the time - in the bath, in the car, while having a chocolate covered banana slice. 

We set up train tracks up and down the hallway after dinner.

Again, Liam had to be properly accessorized. 

Brenna got distracted by her "kitty!".  She loves cats, like Liam did at this age.  Not sure why cats appeal so much to the one year old set. 

January 14:  Someone has developed an interest in the potty.  Unless she's naked.  Then she won't come near it.  Baby steps.

A boy and his dog.  Liam loves throwing the ball for Ravioli.  And he's gotten really good at it.  Ravioli loves it too, of course. 

Sometimes Brenna joins in on the action. 

And sometimes she uses the opportunity to play with Liam's most beloved trucks.

We did more trains, too.  We're getting pretty good at making intricate track set ups. 

January 15:  Cutest Darth Vader ever.

And more trains.

And Brian got some popsicles that the kids LOVE.  Never mind that when I bought them a few months ago neither would touch them.  Toddlers are finicky.

January 16:  Over the weekend, I moved the kids clothes up a size.  Brenna is now a 3T and Liam is a 4T.  So, that means new clothes including this cute shirt that she could have actually fit into months ago.  Oh well, got to get use out of it before she grows again!

Brenna was so tired at naptime that when Brian went to get Liam settled in his bed, she climbed up into her bed.  Ready to sleep!

To say my kids like edamame is an understatement.  They can easily eat a one pound bag in one sitting.  And we can hardly shell them fast enough.  

Liam got this red snake in Syndey at the aquarium.  His name is "Snakey" and Liam loves him, sleeps with him, and carts him around the house.  Today, Liam decided that Brenna needed a snake, too.  So he gave her his smaller purple snake (from the San Francisco Zoo).  Then they engaged in some sort of snake dance. 

And Snakey smooches.

January 17:  Fun with boxes!  Today they were a place to rest with a pillow, not a place to saw and hammer.

They did break out their hammers and saws to fix the roof of their 

These flip flops no longer fit Brenna, so I put them in a bag with other outgrown shoes.  And then she found them.  And insisted on wearing them.

January 18:  We went to a playground we hadn't been to in a while this morning.  No one else was there.  So, we ran some laps.

And tried to point out the boats in the bay (Liam is fairly clueless when you try to point things out to him). 

And took a snack break. 

Well, Ravioli didn't take a break. 

And did some swinging.  We conquered that playground.