Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School (August 25-31)

The most exciting thing that happened this week is that Liam started preschool.  He went two days, in fact (he's going two half days a week).  And he loves it!  He was totally cool at drop off and pick up both days.  We're so proud of him.

There was also a lot of time outside in the sun, "hard work" at home, and some fun outings in between.

August 25:  We went to a playground we don't frequent too often, at the skate park.  Brenna immediately decided to chase down some pigeons. 

And then got on the swing.  She was having a blast, though I didn't manage to get a picture of her smiling. 

Liam was super busy on the play equipment and also riding his balance bike around the paths and down the grassy hill.  We ran into a neighbor there too, and Liam let their 20 month old take a spin on his ride.  Good sharing.

Back at home, after naps, we got some time to play indoors.

And snack on strawberries.  It was a pretty good Sunday.

August 26:  After work, we went for an adventure and then got out the bubble machine.  Dogs and toddlers alike are crazy for bubbles.

Liam decided to put his face right in front of it to get covered in bubbles.

And there was plenty of running around.

And tipping over the bubble machine.

And squeals of glee.

August 27:  First day of preschool!  Liam was so excited that he ate breakfast, got dressed willingly, and went to the door to tell me it was time to go.   

He also willingly posed for pictures in three locations.  But he was really distracted, so it was hard to get a smile and him looking at me in one picture.  The sign was resting on this chair, but Liam decided he needed to sit in the chair and hold the sign.  He's already thinking outside the box.

In the evening, he got a couple new toys to celebrate the big day.  They were an even bigger hit than I expected. 

And not just with Liam. 

August 28:  Liam got this fancy Giants hat at the Giants game on Saturday night.  He loves it and looks so cute in it.

We did a bit of Play Doh, at Brenna's request.  

She was grumpy from teething (we think), but playing with Play Doh made her happier.

Think these two are related?  The matching deep-in-thought pouty lips crack me up.

August 29:  We got a new ice cream maker and Liam was thrilled.  He loves ice cream, but he also  loves mixing ingredients.  

Brenna decided to take on the role of both "worker guy" and fireman.  Seriously, she asked us to put both hats on her.  Silly girl.

Liam was very busy putting out fires.  They had a fire drill at school and it was the most exciting thing that has happened to Liam in quite a while.  He couldn't stop talking about it.  And talking so excitedly that it was hard to understand him.  (Wonder where he gets that from?)

August 30:  Another big preschool present (really, we just wanted to get him some of these and came up with an excuse) was some more train tracks.  He didn't have enough pieces to make more elaborate tracks and tracks that allowed both Liam and Brenna to peacefully play together at the same time.  The new tracks were the first thing he wanted to do in the morning and stayed out on the carpet for days.

It was unusually warm after work, so we headed out for an adventure with short sleeves, shorts and no jackets!

These metal grates make the most amazing sounds when you stomp on them.

Someone was just so happy to be out walking.

August 31:  Brenna is quickly outgrowing her small convertible car seat, so after much debate, we got her a Foonf.  We took it out of the box and set it in the hallway before installing it.  Brenna immediately fell in love with it.  She spent most of the morning climbing in and out of it, while reading the instruction booklet.

Of course, there was also time for some music.

Liam was pretty tired in the morning from a full week, including School!

We managed to get out of the house and to the farmer's market.  Liam ate a ton of pizza.  And not just the olives.

Brenna got her first balloon animal, a penguin.  

She called it "Baby" and gave it a million kisses.

Later, there was more time to sit in her beloved Foonf.