Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Heat (August 18-24)

It was a rare warm week in San Francisco, with lots of days where you could wear shorts and short sleeved shirts.  Fogust is almost over!  We took advantage and were outside a lot.

August 18:  It was a warm, sunny day so we headed to the playground at Dolores Park.

Brenna explored a lot of the playground.  And both kids love the big slides.

Liam mostly wanted to dig sand (no surprise).  We forgot sand toys and he was coveting some trucks and scoops another kid brought.  He finally got a turn to play with them and was so happy he didn't want to leave.

Both kids even did a little scooping together.  Liam is much happier about sharing with his sister these days.  He no longer "shares" by giving her a rock or something he finds uninteresting.  She actually gets a scoop!

August 19:  Monday night dinner at our favorite Mexican spot.  A watermelon agua fresca is perfect for the unusual San Francisco heat.

Despite her expression, Brenna enjoyed a chicken taco and lots of black beans.  How does she get beans on her forehead?

August 20:  The weather was so nice again on Monday that Brian and the kids went back to Dolores Park.

And we got lucky again with fun toys to share, since Brian forgot the sand toys.

In the evening, we had our second swim lesson.  Afterwards, both kids really love to play with the toys in the waiting area.

Then we hit up a local San Bruno diner for dinner, since swimming makes everyone hungry.

August 21:  The weather quickly changed.  But a morning donut run kept everyone's spirits up.  Ravioli was super happy because she got a walk and a bacon flavored doggie donut.

Then Liam made snacks in his play house while Brenna played with the toy kitchen.

After work, we had another evening adventure.  

August 22:  Fun in the bath tub!  

Brenna would take a bath multiple times a day, if she could. 

And look how long that hair is getting!

August 23:  Our day started with a mixer delivering concrete to our house (for our new retaining wall).  

We knew Liam would be excited, but Brenna seemed equally excited.

The only way we managed to get Liam away from the truck was to ask him if he wanted to go get donuts for the guys.

In the evening, he wanted to dig dirt in the backyard. 

Brenna's hair is pretty funny.  It is curly and flips out on one side and is more straight on the other.  But as it gets longer, it gets more curl al over.

August 24:  We decided to spend Saturday morning at the zoo.  Liam layed down with the elephant statute and said, "I love you, Elephant."  We don't have any elephants at our zoo, so this is the closest he gets.

Brenna was pretty interested in the penguins (left) and rhino (right).

And she took a little breather as we watched the penguin feeding. 

But the real reason we went to the zoo was to meet Curious George!  Liam went right up and gave him a big, long hug. Then he agreed to pose for a picture.  As we walked away, Liam said, "It was very nice to meet you!"  And the man with the yellow hat shouted the same thing back.  Day made! 

On the way out of the zoo, we had a quick run in the grass.  Liam really wanted to roll down the hill, but the peacock poop and creek at the bottom convinced him otherwise.

In the afternoon, neither kid wanted to nap.  So, we went out to a big food and music festival a few blocks from our house.  It was quite warm and Liam wanted ice cream.