Friday, August 9, 2013

Settling (July 28 - August 3)

This was a week about settling back in - to our routines, our home, our jobs, our lives.  And a lot of getting reacquainted with our surroundings.

July 28:  We headed out after breakfast to see what's new in the neighborhood.  Of course, we had to make a stop at the playground by the donut shop.

Honestly, we were killing a little time before Sunday Streets started at 11.  The city closed down 24th Street near our house to car traffic to allow for biking and walking.  Liam was thrilled to be riding his "motorcycle" in the street.

Ravioli was pretty excited, too.

And Brenna quickly figured out that this was pretty fun.

It was a great opportunity to see what's new in the neighborhood.

We stopped for lunch at a spot on 24th Street.  Once the kids were done eating, Brenna was checking out a mural on the wall next door (one of many in the neighborhood).  Unprompted, Liam came up behind her and put his arms around her.  It's moments like these ... 

July 29:  Just another Monday night at home, eating around our kitchen island because our dining room is being rebuilt, with a temporary plywood wall right behind Brenna's head.  She was so excited for her beloved mac & cheese (unavailable in Sydney, and our supply ran out a few weeks before we came home) that she squealed and lunged for it.

Liam was pretty psyched, too.

July 30:  With no dog door or back yard, the evening "adventure" before or after dinner (or both!) is becoming a part of our new routine.  

Of course, there is also time to play.  Liam wanted to make a robot out of our Amazon box.

And Brenna figured out how to play the saxoflute.

And she even got a turn being a robot.

July 31:  For some reason, Liam started waking up really early (6:00 am some days, like today).  Perhaps it is the change from winter (Sydney) to summer (San Francisco) and more daylight.  The downside is we all sleep less.  The upside is there is time for an "adventure" to the donut shop before I have to go to work.

Bonus when they have strawberry cream filled donuts.

We eat on the outside patio in the back of the shop and Brenna gets to walk around and explore.

She's a girl on the move.

August 1:  I picked up a pair of sunglasses for Brenna today (couldn't resist the cuteness and a good sale) since she's obsessed with mine.  She loved them and wore them on her evening walk.

Liam's chosen method of transportation was his big boy bike.  He was a bit rusty on it when we first got home, but now he's riding like a pro again.

We made a stop at the playground on our "adventure".

And then picked up some flowers to adorn Liam's bike and Brenna's hands.

August 2:  I got to spend my work day with colleagues on a hike in Marin and at lunch in Sausalito.  It was a great change from being at the office.

The kids were going to head to the zoo, but Liam wanted to go out for an "adventure" instead.  He loves adventure.

August 3:  The pacifier fairy visited the night before.  She took Liam's pacifiers (used for sleep only for a while now) and left behind the most awesome cement mixer.  Liam was pretty psyched and did a great job with the change.

He did some "hard work" inside the house with his dry beans and outside the house in his gravel pit.

Brenna ran off with some scoops.  See, she's on the move.

After meeting up with our electrician, we made it out to the farmer's market.  Brenna ate about a pint of strawberries while we were there.

"Friend Matt" came along and Liam was thrilled!  Brian and I cease to exist when Friend Matt is around.  He and Liam played a long game of try and get the plastic bag while our pizza cooked.