Monday, July 29, 2013

Home (July 21-27)

Our time in Sydney came to an end and we traveled back to California.  The trip was better and worse than expected, but that is life with two toddlers!  Since we got home, we've been settling in, unpacking, checking out the construction on our house, and checking out the neighborhood.  No matter where you've gone or how long you've been away, it always is nice to go home.

July 21:  We woke up in Darling Harbour, which was the perfect place to spend one last morning in Sydney.  We had breakfast outside on the water and then walked over to this great playground I had been wanting to take the kids to.

They had a giant slide that you had to use a rope climb to get up to.  Liam and Brenna both loved sliding down it.

And there was a zip line that Liam totally conquered.  He did not want to leave it.

But, we had to get back to our hotel and then to the airport.  We stopped on the way back at a carousel for a quick spin before our very very long flights home.

July 22:  The day started out pretty well, since both kids slept about 9 hours on our flight from Aukland to LA.  Brenna was still asleep when they turned the lights on.

And Liam was pretty happy with some toys as he woke up.

We arrived home after 8 pm, but the Liam and Brenna were not tired.  And Liam wanted to play with all the toys he left behind, including his tricycle.

So, we got Brenna on his old bike.  She's so tall she doesn't even have to sit down and she doesn't yet know she's supposed to!

The only bad thing is Brenna was a bit afraid of Ravioli.  Luckily, Ravioli is an awesome dog and she figured it out and gave Brenna some space.  

July 23:  We all had the day together to unpack, unwide and rest.  Oh, and get used to the time difference.  

Liam was so happy to get back on his big boy bike.  He didn't have any bikes in Sydney.

Brenna was very happy to be outside, after dinner, in the daylight (the sun was setting at 5 pm in Sydney) and walking on her own down the street (no stroller).  She was squealing as she walked.

July 24: As a welcome home gift, and to distract Liam and Brenna when I went back to work, we got them some new toys.  One is a dollhouse like the one Liam really liked in Alice Springs.

And Brenna got her very own tool set, so she doesn't have to steal Liam's tools.

After work, it was warm and sunny, so we went "for a little adventure," as Liam likes to say.

The future's so bright ... 

July 25:  After breakfast, as we were all getting ready for our day, a truck came to pick up the dumpster full of dirt in front of our house.  So much of that was awesome for Liam.  They watched the action from the front windows.

And were pretty happy about our start to the day.

July 26:  There is a lot of dust every day from all the construction working taking place.  Luckily, Liam still really likes to vacuum.

While he was busy cleaning up, Brenna tried out two of his favorite toys:  his Rochenbock set and his tricycle.

Luckily, Liam wasn't mad that she was on his tricycle.  But, we wanted to get on, too.  The two of them playing together is still so novel.

July 27:  We had a full Saturday, but maybe so full that I didn't get many pictures!  We went to the farmers' market, went for some walks, and met up with friends for dinner.  And, of course, Liam had to do some hard work, with Brenna supervising, donut in hand.