Monday, July 1, 2013

Wet (June 23-29)

The rain started on the weekend and just kept going.  We had maybe one day without rain all week.  So, we did lots of fun activities indoors, including celebrating Brenna's first birthday and a trip to an indoor swimming pool.

June 23:  In the morning, we headed to my coworker's house for brunch with her family (including 3 girls aged 3, 8 and 10 and a kitten).  The kids had a great time.  

 We stayed in the rest of the day to avoid the rain.  Liam was busy fixing his scooter.  And Brenna, of course, copied him.

And then he hid in the entertainment center.

Then we broke out the play doh and let Brenna have her first try at it.  More fun for both kids!

And then some peek a boo in the caterpillar tunnel. 

Finally, Liam decided to try and wear the tunnel.  He kept tripping on it, so I told him to be a penguin and stick his feet out.  Boy did that make it even more fun!

June 24:  Brenna is having a hard week with teething.  She's either super grumpy or super happy.  Sometimes it is minute by minute.  She's got her bottom 2 teeth now and the top 2 are threatening to break through any day. 

To lift the spirits, I gave Liam and Brenna an Australian present.  They both got Flatout Bears, flat little teddy bears made from Australian sheepskin.  We're hoping Brenna will make hers - a black one - into her lovey.  Liam wasn't so sure about his brown one at first, but he came around to him.  We decided to name him Sydney.

June 25:  Brenna's bear (which Liam has also named Sydney) made an appearance at nap time.  

I met the kids and Brian for dinner on the way home from work.  They both did so great, but were dying to make friends with the three year old girl sitting next to us.  Liam sat down right next to her - at her table - and even shared his colored pencils and paper with her.  He's turned into quite the social butterfly.

After dinner, we had frozen yogurt and toppings.  We tried to go to this place two months ago and Liam pitched a fit.  Tonight, he loved it and ate the whole thing.  It was a real reminder of how what a different child he has become lately.

June 26:  The birthday girl!  Another hard day of teething, but also plenty of smiles. 

We did our last posed monthly photo. 

And then put her in this adorable outfit.  And she was not happy.  Particularly about that head band.

Luckily, Dadda made it better.


And then I made some funny faces and noises and she was all smiles again.

At 1, Brenna is 30ish lbs. and 33ish inches.  She hasn't put on any weight in a couple months, but she's grown at least an inch and a half since we've been in Sydney.  She towers over boys months older than her.  She's got 2 teeth and 2 more about to come in.  She's a full time walker, now working on running and stairs.  She loves almost all food, but prefers savory to sweet.  She's got about a handful of words and is trying to say a lot more.  She's very sensitive (teething makes her so very sad) and always looking for a snuggle.  She loves books and all her brother's toys.  She sleeps thorough the night (with me, and when not teething) and is down to 1 nap (most days).  She's always looking to make a friend wherever we go, but her brother is her favorite friend of all.

Happy First Birthday to our favorite girl!

She was curious about her presents, but not at all interested in the wrapping paper.

Luckily, Liam was interested in both the presents and the unwrapping.  While we were unwrapping gifts, he (unsolicited) said, "Happy Birthday, Sissy."  Melt.

And then it was time to sing and eat cake!   

She was pretty cautious about it at first.  

Tasting it didn't really change her mind, either.

We dug into the icing for her to see if she was more interested in the cake.

Definitely not.   

Luckily, Liam loves cake.  Or really, frosting.  He not only had his cupcake (and his sister's candle), but he also had some of hers.  What a good helper.

June 27:  What is better than a couch cave?  A big train track in a couch cave!

Until that pesky little sister tries to get up on the tracks too.

Luckily, she's easily distracted.

And super cute.

June 28:  Brenna and I shared a banana with peanut butter for breakfast.  She kept scooping the peanut butter off the banana and eating it and waiting for me to replace the peanut butter.  

She was so worn out from not sleeping so well (thanks teething!) that she fell asleep before lunch while out doing an errand.

These popsicles are a life saver.  Both kids love them and they are great for our sad puss teether, Brenna.  She loves to do circles around the apartment holding hers.

Or maybe a game of chase and jumping on the bed. 

Bath time is now always a group event.  Liam prefers to take a bath with Brenna, but he won't admit it.

He also had a blast squirting himself in the face with his Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys.  He hates getting his face wet, unless it's fun (how's that for toddler logic?) 

June 29:  The forecast all weekend as more rain.  Same as the forecast all week.  So, on our last full weekend in Sydney, we couldn't go to the beach.  But we could swim!  We hit up a local public indoor swimming pool, the Phillip & Cook Aquatic Center.  They have a great kiddy pool, complete with a small slide into the water.  Liam was the littlest kid doing the slide solo, but also the most patient at waiting in line.  And he got his face wet repeatedly (even going down the slide on his belly into the water!).  Of course, our little water baby Brenna loved it too.  She just wanted to swim and swim.

We got out some of Brenna's new birthday crayons and markers and did some art.  The animal markers were a huge hit with Liam.  And Brenna liked the animal-shaped crayons.

And then another game of chase.  Can you tell how much they love to chase each other (and us!) around the apartment?