Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ending (June 30 - July 6)

This was our last week in Sydney.  Luckily, the weather cleared early in the week, so we were able to pack a few fun last things in before we left.  We made one last visit to another harbor beach and a trip outside the harbor to see whales!

June 30:  It was a rainy Sunday, so we did a repeat of Saturday and went swimming at the indoor pool. By the time we were done, the rain was ending.  We went to Darlinghurst for lunch, including some delicious hot chocolate.

Brenna got a couple sips of it too.  By the time we were done, both kids were covered in hot chocolate. A perfect look to pop into a coworkers house in Darlinghurst.  She showed us around her new terrace.   While Brian, Brenna and I struggled to get the double stroller in the front, Liam walked right in, sat on the couch and said he wanted to take his shoes off.  Guess he's not shy anymore!

July 1:  Liam wanted to play some games on my tablet after breakfast.

Brian picked up a box from the post office that contained Brenna's new boots - koala uggs!  She was a grumpy teether, so not very impressed with them.

She perked up a bit later.  She was flipping her bottom lip and making silly noises.

And bothering her brother.

Luckily, he was a good sport.  Liam has taken to "roooaaaaarrrrring" at Brenna.

After Brenna went to sleep, Liam wanted to build trains in the couch fort where it was safe from her meddling. 

July 2:  Brenna is getting taller and leaner, but she still has some thigh chub.

Liam really wanted to bring his big tipper truck and excavator into the bathtub with Brenna.  We talked him out of it, luckily.

More trains after bath time.  This time, on our floor mat, which allows for bigger track-making.

July 3:  We woke up early to head to Darling Harbor to catch a whale watching boat.  We picked up a muffin on the way for Liam and he ate it while we waited for the boat.

We rescheduled from a very windy, cold Saturday.  And we couldn't have asked for any better weather.  The weather was amazing, warm and sunny and there was barely any wind.

We traveled out of the harbour and into the open ocean.  The seas were a bit rough and lots of people got sea sick (including Brenna).

We stopped by two pods of humpback whales and pretty quickly, we saw two whales swimming side by side.

They came up together and swam in unison.  We watched them on all sides - and under the boat - for about an hour.  It was incredible.

The tour operators said it is mating season, so you will often see a male swimming beside a female.

Seeing their tales was one of the most amazing sites.  Each one has a unique pattern on their tale, which you can use to identify them.

On the way back to Darling Harbor, Liam was pretending to be a whale.  

And Brenna was mimicing him - and hamming it up for some of the other folks on the boat (who were taking her picture).

July 4:  Liam's palate is starting to expand again (finally)!  Tonight he had some watermelon, which used to be a favorite but he hasn't eaten in a while. 

Brenna is obsessed with Iggle Piggle.  She was trying to get closer to him tonight.

July 5:  Brenna got koala uggs and Liam picked out Nemo ones.  They came the night before and he wore them around until bedtime.  In the morning, he was "doing hard work" in his tool belt and undies.  He stopped suddenly and declared, "I need my Nemo boots!"  Yes, indeed.

It was my last day at the office and glorious out, so I snapped a couple pictures on the way into the office.  I'll miss walking to work.

In the evening, Brenna was eating these strawberry snacks but they spilled everywhere.  No problem!  She just ate them off the floor instead.

July 6:  Both Brenna and Liam wanted to bounce in my lap in the morning.  I had not yet managed to get dressed, but I did get them dressed!

I took both kids to the playground while Brian went to the chiropractor.

There was a big crane getting set up to lift some furniture into an apartment building.  Liam was "helping" the "guys working", but this guy didn't notice that Liam was talking to him.

After we warmed up, we checked out one last harbor beach - Parsley Beach.  It was very secluded and sunny, but still cold.

There is a little suspension bridge that goes from one side of the bay to the other.

It was our last full day in Sydney and we definitely made the most of it.