Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach (July 14-20)

We spent nearly a week at the beach in Port Douglas, Queensland.  The weather was a bit cool and cloudy and the kids got Hand Foot & Mouth disease, but we still managed to have a lot of fun!  But, we ended up mostly staying at the pool and beach and relaxing instead of doing a lot of outings.  It was actually a nice break before traveling home.

July 14:  We drove up to Port Douglas in the late morning and went to the Sunday markets in town.  We picked up some pool and beach supplies too, because Liam was already asking to dig sand.  Then, we went to our hotel to try and check in early.  But, that didn't work.  So instead of napping, we spent the afternoon at the pool.

Brenna was pretty happy to be swimming instead of napping.

Liam really liked his little swim vest as it made him more confident in the watter.

After a very late and quick nap, Liam had a very nutritious snack on the couch in his undies while he watched a little Aussie kids TV.  The pose cracked me up.

I got some food while the kids were sleeping, so we managed to eat in our little hotel apartment suite.

July 15:  First thing the first full day, we went to the beach.  

I got a picture of one of Brenna's dramatic expressions.  She wanted me to pick her up instead of taking her picture.

Both kids were pretty happy in the water.  The water was really calm and neither one was afraid of the waves.

Liam even got his face wet! 

I am pretty sure the beach is the perfect place to be with two toddlers, even when the skies are cloudy and the wind is blowing.

July 16:  We were back at the beach in the morning for more splashing and digging.

Brian and Liam worked on a really big hole, while Brenna supervised.

And they both did plenty of running around too. 

After naps and a quick snack, 

we got in a bit of pool time too.

July 17:  Today we decided to get away from the resort and try the Skyrail through the rain forest.  We would have loved to try the train too but the timing just didn't work with naps.

The first leg was the perfect time for a snack.  Liam was not too enthusiastic about our outing until it included a cookie with M&Ms on top.


The rainforest was pretty spectacular.  We saw a few birds and some waterfalls.

At the top, we stopped for lunch and ice cream. 

And then we took on more views on the way back down.

July 18:  I am pretty sure we got an unwelcome souvenir on the Skyrail:  hand, foot and mouth disease for both kids.  We went into town for lunch and Liam got sick all over me 3 times while we were waiting for our food.  By the time we got back to the hotel, Brenna was sick too.

So, we spent the rest of the day napping and resting on the couch watching TV and keeping fevers down.

July 19:  Both kids were still sick, but we figured a little fresh air and scooping sand would be good for everyone.  So, we went to the beach in the morning.

To dig more holes.

Watch the waves. 

And splash in the water. 

Because a run on the beach is good for the soul. 

The kids were really good sports, despite feeling pretty lousy.

Since it was our last night in Port Douglas, we dragged them out to dinner at a restaurant on the inlet (called On the Inlet) where a 550 lb. grouper named George comes for a feeding at 5 pm every night.  

I think the kids had fun, but I am pretty sure they would have rather been resting on the couch back at the hotel. 

July 20:  We had a flight mid-afternoon and a late checkout, so ... we went to the beach!

Brenna was still feeling pretty down. 

But digging sand makes everyone happy.