Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adventure (August 4-10)

Since returning home to San Francisco, we've increased the number of "adventures" we go on a day.  An "adventure", in Liam's world, is heading outside on his bike or balance bike either to wander or to head to a specific destination.  Every evening, we take an adventure or two.  And on the weekends, we may add a couple more in each day as well.  So, this week you'll see lots of pictures of our adventures around the neighborhood and also some further afield.

August 4:  Brenna's hair has been getting pretty long and it covers her eyes if we don't put it up.  So I experimented with little sprouts on each side of her head.  Super cute.  But super quick to pull out, as well.

Brenna and Liam were warming up for an outside adventure by riding bikes in the house.

We managed to get out in the morning for a walk to a playground.

This girl has some pretty funny expressions.

Liam was sporting a chocolate face, since we stopped for coffee (for me) and a treat (for the rest of the crew) on the way to the playground.  Chocolate croissant for the win!

Liam let Brenna ride in the train with him.

And the roundabout.  It was Brenna's first time and, despite her face, she really did enjoy it.

But maybe not as much as Liam did.

August 5:  Liam found the bags of small plastic balls we have in the play room closet.  And asked that we get out the pack n play so they could make a ball pit.

Double happiness.

Out for an evening "adventure" on Liam's balance bike.

Brenna prefers to walk.  And Liam often asks if we can "let sissy out".  It's not the fastest way to travel, but when you are out for an "adventure" is more about the ride and less about the destination.

If we hit a hill, Liam often chooses to get off his ride and get in sissy's ride instead.  
Two peas in a pod.

August 7:  Brenna suddenly really looks like a toddler.  Remember when you couldn't see her neck under her rolls?  Where did that baby go?

 When I was at work, I got these pictures from our babysitter.  Nothing makes my work day brighter than knowing that my kids are having a good day.

When I got home from work, Liam was outside "doing hard work" in the dirt pile that is out backyard.  Every day when our construction crew leaves, Liam is chomping at the bit to get outside and get to "work".

Luckily, he has some supervision.

August 8:  Out for another evening "adventure".  Ravioli loves these walks as much as the kids do.  The upside of no longer having a useable backyard or doggie door is these walks. 

Brenna makes sure to bring along some treats in case the adventure goes longer than expected.

On the way home from picking up dinner at the taqueria, Liam decided to give Brenna a pull.

August 9:  It was Friday, so I came home a bit early from work.  The kids were having their post-nap snack when I arrived.  They are taking naps over at our neighbor's house during the construction, and he's gotten them little juice boxes and snacks for after their nap.  He's the best.

Brenna shared hers with Ravioli.  She shares everything (pacifier, cup, toys, food, etc.) with Ravioli these days.  And Ravioli will eat anything Brenna hands her, even if it is something she won't normally touch (like strawberries).

Before dinner, we went out for another adventure.  Liam always leads the way and chooses our path.

When we got home, he wanted to slide down the gravel pit that is in front of our house.  House construction has lead to lots of free entertainment for Liam.

This morning, we woke up to a bobcat and a tipper truck outside our house.  They have started doing some construction at the house directly across the street from ours.  Liam was thrilled to watch the bobcat dump broken up chunks of concrete into the tipper truck.   

As if the day couldn't get any better, we headed to the Chabot Science & Space Center in Oakland for their dog day, which was all about the science of dogs.  And dogs were welcome.  Ravioli was so excited to go spend the morning with us.

There were lots of interesting dog displays, but we also managed to spend a little bit of time checking out the rest of the place.  Liam could not get enough of sitting in this little space ship.

He was counting down to blast off.  "Five, four, three, two, one, blast off!"  He counts on his fingers, too, which is so cute.  Not sure where he learned to do that, but he's been doing it for months.

Brenna was having a good time just walking around with her snack cup, making friends.

But she was getting awfully tired.  Both kids ended up falling asleep on the way home, which admittedly took a bit longer than expected due to traffic on the Bay Bridge.  It was a pretty fun, full morning for all.