Monday, September 30, 2013

Rides (September 15-21)

Carnival rides, strollers, construction vehicles, and ride on toys.  There were lots of rides this week.

September 15:  There was a family picnic for my group at work down in Mountain View.  Brenna was under the weather (slept most of the day), so Liam and I went.  They had a bouncy castle.  And a bouncy obstacle course.  Enough said.  We arrived at noon and Liam bounced for two hours before I got him to finally stop and eat some lunch.  He had lots of carnival-type food (sugar!) and somehow didn't take a nap much less fall asleep in the car on the long drive home.  He's a mystery.

Poor Brenna had a really rough day.  She slept a lot and was very sad.  We weren't sure what was wrong or what to do to make her feel better.

Luckily, her best buddy Ravioli had an idea.

September 16:  The cement floor of our garage has been removed, which means it is one giant dirt pile in Liam's eyes.  Perfect for being a "worker guy" and "doing hard work".

Brenna was still feeling sick.  And was very tired.  But she tried to play along.

But really all she wanted was to be held.

September 17:  Just after coming back from the doctor, Brenna decided to perk up and start eating.  So, I guess she just had a sore throat.  We were just happy that she was finally feeling a little better.

She really loves Liam's scooter.  Well, she loves everything of Liam's.  She so desperately wants to be a big boy.

Luckily, she has her own set of tools and Liam lets her fix things with him.  So long as she doesn't get in the way.

The construction crew has been using a skid steer ("bobcat!") and mini excavator to dig out a trench to replace our sewer and water main.  That means in the evenings, Liam gets to sit and pretend he is driving.  Toddler heaven.

September 18:  Tonight, Liam was a fireman.  He was helping me escape from the fire.

That meant Brenna got a chance to be the worker guy.

She still wasn't her normally happy self.

Liam did some scooping and dumping of pom poms, a new sensory bin item.  They are pretty fun to play with.

An evening stroll is good for everyone.  Ravioli gets out and we all get some fresh air.

He's gotten really good at his scooter.  It took him a while to figure out steering.

Brenna's still working on it.

September 19:  We helped out some friends last minute and watched their kids in the evening.  That meant 4 toddlers.  But everyone had a great time and it really was pretty easily.

Liam and Lucas measured each other.

And then chased each other around yelling, "Measure Me!". 

Brenna joined in on the running, giggling as she went.

And she and Elizabeth actually played a little, too.  They are only a week apart in age.

And I bet this won't be the last phone conversation they have in the years to come.

September 20:  Bath time!  

Brenna no longer loves the bath like she used to.  It was the thing we could do to brighten her mood, regardless of what was going on.  

Luckily, Liam loves a bath, except for the soap and shampoo part.

Nothing like ending the night with a big smile at bedtime.

September 21:  Another morning stroll to the donut shop.  Brenna got these new cat shoes and she loves them, but she also loves taking them off.

Both kids now have a donut habit.

Though typically Liam just eats the frosting or the filling (if it is a filled donut).  With a spoon, of course.  

Later we had a little music hours.  We were watching music videos and Liam likes to play along.  Which means Brenna does, too.

And, of course, she likes to play the piano while wearing a Sombrero.  Who doesn't.