Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent (December 1-7)

  1. 1.
    the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

This week was the beginning of Advent.  I love Christmas - giving presents, baking cookies, listening to Christmas music endlessly, and so much more.  Luckily, Liam is pretty into Christmas too - getting presents, watching Frosty the Snowman on repeat, singing Christmas songs, eating chocolate out of his advent calendar (he asks for two pieces every day).  So, the arrival of the Christmas season certainly felt like a notable event at our house.

December 1:  Liam has always liked to sing and play music, particularly with some of his favorite videos (music videos, movies and shows).  We cannot watch the opening sequence of Cars without his beloved dinosaur guitar (a real guitar, with a dinosaur painted on the front).  This week, he also became even more interested in choreography.  He was mimicing dance moves to one of his favorite music videos, Kimbra's "Cameo Lover".

Brenna did some dancing along as well, some of it while standing on her chair (not sanctioned dancing in our house)! 

And then it was time to refuel with the last of the Thanksgiving turkey leftovers and raspberries.

December 2:  Nothing says it's the holiday season like the endless deliveries from Amazon.  Luckily, both kids love the boxes nearly as much as what is inside.

Liam loves to make a box into a house, so I added a chimney and door to his.  He decorated with crayons.

December 3:  Another night of dancing!  This time, it is to the mushrooms that dance in Fantasia.   

We've been doing this one for a while, but now the dance revolves around the new pouf. 

They do this on repeat.  And, of course, we have to join in, too.

December 4:  Brenna is finding more ways to push the boundaries these days.  

Unfortunately, she's also giving Liam some fresh ideas.

December 5:  More Kimbra (or "the pretty girl dancing" as we refer to it).  Complete with "tambourines".

And some accompaniment on drums by Brenna and Brian.

December 6:  Six days late, but our Elf on the Shelf made it's first appearance.  Liam has decided to call him "Elf".  Maybe he'll get a more elaborate name next year.

Once we found the Elf, Liam handed Ravioli her morning chicken strips.  He always has her do "down" before she gets he treat.

Brian made a great marble run tonight, too.  Liam got this toy for his birthday and, while he cannot yet build mazes, he and Brenna love to drop marbles into it.

December 7:  Elf showed up this morning on the toy shelf.

We geared up Saturday morning to go out and cut down our own Christmas tree.  It rained all night, so we made sure to put our boots on.  Well, and also these boots are just too cute and must be worn.

There is nothing sweeter than a sweet Dad and daughter photo.  Except two sweet photos. 

The tree selection wasn't too great, but there were rides and multiple bounce houses, so the kids were thrilled.

Liam insisted that he needed to bring his own saw.  And tool belt.  And that meant Brenna had to have a saw and tool belt, too.

Liam really wanted to cut down his own tree, but we distracted him with the stump of our tree.

And then Brian and Liam hauled the tree back out to the car.

After naptime (and a quick trip to Lowes to replace all our old, dead strings of lights), we decorated the Christmas tree.  Well, Brian and I predecorated the top of the tree with all the glass and other fragile ornaments.

Liam was pretty thrilled about hanging up "orgamints", but he has his own unique decorating style.

I love moments like these.  Especially when I can capture them. 

We also set up our Christmas Pyramid on the kitchen island.  Liam and Brenna both seemed pretty thrilled to watch it start to spin once the candles were lit.

It was a lovely, long day.  We are all suffering from head colds, so we spent some time after dinner resting and watching old Christmas videos.