Thursday, December 18, 2014

Festive (December 7-13)

We got a little festive this week:  two holiday parties, The Velveteen Rabbit and Christmas decorations.  Not so festive was Stormagedden, which brought our whole city to a grinding halt.  But we managed to still have a lot of fun, even with a lot of rain.

December 7:  Today was the preschool holiday party.  It was not that warm, but Brenna refused to wear her sweater.  She loves this Christmas dress.

Liam was happy.  Happy to talk to Santa.  Happy to get a trinket from Santa's helper.  Hot and sweaty and happy to be running around with new and old buddies.

December 8:  Popsicles on the couch.  Mom and Dad are sick with strep throat, so TV and treats were in great use to just get through the day.

December 9:  Brenna loves this Elsa shirt.  And all things Frozen.  And basketball.  She is a renaissance girl.

Liam was starting soccer in Italian on Sunday, so I got him some gear.  Can you tell he's excited to play soccer?  With his preschool buddies?

December 10:  Hide and seek in Brenna's bed.  

Our bedtime routine is long and there is a lot of stalling, but also a lot of fun. 

December 11:  We went to a matinee of The Velveteen Rabbit.  In the middle of Stormagedden.  Schools were closed, so it was virtually a private show. 

Lots of empty seats.  And goldfish. 

Brenna loves her new bunny and loved the show.  

December 12:  It was my work's holiday party.  A busy day, a busy night.  But not a lot of pictures.  Brian and I made gingerbread men for the kids while we were at the party.

We came home to two peacefully sleeping, happy kids.

December 13:  We all had a slow time getting up in the morning (although none of us was hung over).  We took some extra time for a sectional snuggle.

We finally got going and out to pick a Christmas tree.  Since we had lots and lots of rain, we skipped cutting down our own tree at a soggy farm and just went to the tree lot instead.

Bonus:  The tree stand has turkeys.  And bunnies. 

The hay maze from Halloween was gone, but luckily you can run around and play hide and seek in the trees. 

Ravioli had a pretty good time, too.  On the way into the stand, the guy working there asked if she was a "companion animal".  Yep, she sure is!

We got the tree into the stand and let Liam put the star on top before we untied it.  He really loved that job.

We got the lights on before nap time.  We did the rest of the tree later in the evening.

We also got out our Christmas pyramid.  The kids really enjoyed putting it together and lighting it up.  But mostly blowing out the candles.