Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elf (November 30 - December 6)

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived this week.  He's a really low key elf.  He just finds a new place to hang out each day and watches over us and reports back to Santa.  I wish I had time to be more creative.  I really like the elves that do good deeds for others through the holiday season.  We may try that next year.  This year, we're just happy to remember to look for the elf in the morning.

November 30:  A much happier Ravioli when we picked her up from boarding the morning after we got home.

A little pre-dinner bat and ball, while I made dinner.

Liam loves to play bat and ball. 

But it quickly goes to this when he cannot hit the ball very time or if we don't throw it just right.

December 1:  Our elf, "Elf", arrived!  On a rocket.  

Still under the weather.  Thank goodness for Advil, or "grape" as the kids call it.

Wonder woman pajamas and pink shoes?  Why not!

Liam wants to wear his Star Wars pajamas every night.  For now.  Batman seems like a phase we are over.

December 2:  "Elf" snuggled up with a gingerbread cookie in a teacup.  

It was a rough bedtime.

All the way up to the tooth brushing.

December 3:  My little baking helpers.  They each have their own tools, which means we need to use a large bowl.

"Let it go!", complete with choreography.  We didn't get on that bandwagon as early as most, but we're there now.  Full princess mode at our house.

December 4:  It was a day when the kids did not get out of their pajamas.  They were not feeling well.  So, dinner in pajamas (and wonder woman costume).  On the upside, the kids ate chili, or "hamburger black bean soup".  Willingly.  Without a fight.

After dinner playing, while waiting for Dadda to come home from Parent Night at the preschool.

December 5:  Playing basketball in the hallway.

In a tutu of course.  More princess mode.

December 6:  It was pretty wet out, but we went to a playground 3rd birthday party anyway.

Liam mostly wanted to play on the playground.

Both kid enjoyed the carousel, too.

Liam did a bit of climbing and jumping, too.

Later, at home, we played a bit of detective, too.