Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Four (November 16-22)

It was Liam's birthday week.  We now have a four year old!  We went all out on his birthday and had a lot of fun being tourists in our own city.  And on the weekend, he got to be the guest at someone else's birthday party.  Feels like birthday party season around here.

November 16:  Sunday morning at the playground.

Oh the faces.  Brenna didn't want to share her toys.  And Liam was pretending to fight bad guys.

There were plenty of smiles, too.

Caught Brenna writing in invisible ink on her belly.  And looking at it with the black light.

November 17:  Counter top cleaner.

And sweeper.

And a little topless dancing, of course.

November 18:  Liam's first birthday was full of fun and presents.  He was really focused on the presents.  Liam picked out his special birthday shirt, too.  Have to dress for the occasion!

Brenna got a couple Italian children's books, too.

On your birthday, you can have ice cream for breakfast.  And your sister gets ice cream, too (although all she really wanted was a bowl of whipped cream).

Legos from Grandma!  Liam is really into Legos these days.

We all rode our first cable cars down to Ghirardelli Square.  And got snagged by all the tourist traps - hats on the corner and giant crabs on the dock.

And giant animals to climb outside the tourist shops.

The view was nice and we stopped for chocolate before riding the cable car back.

It was a really fun outing on a weekday in San Francisco.

More gifts after nap time.

And of course, cake!

November 19:  Liam spent a lot of time playing with his new Legos.

Dadda getting attached by Brenna and Ravioli at bedtime.

November 20:  After Liam's 4 year checkup, he went with Dadda and Brenna to the Randall Museum.

My little kitchen helper, cutting mushrooms.

Fun with towels after their bath.

November 21:  A little pre-bedtime dancing - naked except for a tutu, of course.

Liam got new bunk beds for his birthday.  So his old mattress was in the hall for a couple days.  The kids loved playing on and under it.

November 22:  It was a rainy Saturday morning, so Brenna and I went to do a little winter weather clothing shopping.

I am a total sucker to the Princess Peppa Pig at the checkout line.

Liam spent the morning at a birthday party and the sun came out.

Typical dinner attire, complete with birthday party face paint.  My little Mission hipster.