Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rebirth (January 1-5)

I have been a bad blogger.  My daily blog posts became impossible when I went back to work and became a working mother of 2.  But I've still been taking pictures every day!  I'm going to post them once a week because I think that is a schedule I can keep up with!

So, here is a snapshot of a week in our lives from January 1-5, 2013:

1/1: Liam "helping" Brenna jump.

1/1: And Liam "helping" Ravioli around the playground
1/2:  Playing together!

1/3:  Brenna at the playground

1/3:  Liam running in the water

1/4:  Brenna's new hair band

1/4:  Liam liked it too

1/5:  Liam and Lucas play with the new kitchen
1/5:  Brenna and Elizabeth get to play too!