Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing (March 24-30)

This week the kids took their first bath together and did quite well.  The days were also filled with a lot of the usual playing around the house.  And we finished up the week with Lucas' 3rd birthday party.

3/24:  Brenna loves to knock the balls through this toy with her hands.

3/24:  Naked Chef!  Liam was cooking up cookies with his new slice and bake cookie toy, for doing so well on the potty all week.

3/25:  Brenna loves pasta with tomato sauce, particularly these wagon wheel shapes.

3/25:  Liam preferred a dinner of jelly beans.  And watching "pretty girls dancing" in his favorite Kimbra music video.

3/26:  Playing peek a boo with Dadda's hat.

3/26:  Reading stories on Dadda's lap.

3/27:  Practicing standing.

3/27:  "Making deliveries" with some of our packages delivered today.

3/28:  Some more playing with this toy.  She's getting really good at getting the balls through the holes.

3/28:  Liam loves these tempura paint markers (no brush required).

3/29:  First joint bath.  Well, our babysitter Laura has bathed them together a few times but this was our first attempt doing it.  They did great!

3/30:  Only half a week late for her 9 month photo shoot.  She wasn't too interested in sitting still, but I managed to get some smiles out of her.

3/30:  All dressed up and ready for Lucas' birthday party.