Saturday, April 6, 2013

Surpise (March 31 - April 6)

The week started off with some Easter surprises!  The bunny brought baskets of goodies and a big new toy for Liam and Brenna to share.  And they did really well sharing it.  We also had lots of adventures with "friend Matt" while preparing to depart for Sydney.

March 31:  Easter morning basket and new toy!

March 31:  Playing with the new toy the Easter bunny brought Liam and Brenna

April 1:  Trying out her new boots.

April 1:  Liam's "handy dandy notebook", a prize from his Easter egg hunt.

April 2:  Standing at her new toy, and looking quite proud about it.

April 2:  Playing outside with Ravioli.

April 3:  Ready for her bedtime bottle.

April 3:  Playing "just whack it" with "Friend Matt".
April 4:  Waiting for milkshakes at the diner.

April 4:  Ravioli waiting patiently outside for our milkshakes.

April 5:  Playing with Liam's beloved mixer while he naps.

April 5:  Feeling a little under the weather.
April 6:  Having a lollipop as a post-haircut prize, while waiting for the promised ice cream.  He had chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles.  Someone likes chocolate.

April 6:  Everyone else got ice cream, but Brenna just got pretzels.