Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Undies! (March 10-16

We capped off this week with three days of intense potty training.  After about half a day (and an epic post-nap meltdown), Liam totally got the hang of it!

3/10: Out for a stroll in the morning sun at the zoo.

3/10:  Raaaawwwwwrrrr!  Liam and Lucas were being Lions in a cave at the zoo.

3/11:  Attempting to crawl to get at the pile of balls.  That darn right leg always gets in the way.
3/11:  Cleaning up the balls by loading them into his wheelbarrow.

3/12:  Walking practice in Brenna's room.
3/12:  Trying out the undies again.  Liam was starting to show an interest in the potty again, which inspired us to try potty training this week.

3/13:  Playing with magnets.  And, Brenna fits into jeans!  All the walking practice is slimming her down a bit.

3/13:  A concert by Liam.

3/14:  Trying to get a hang of crawling.

3/14:  Modeling his new swim shoes and shirt.  Liam loves to try on new clothing.

3/15:  Brenna got a fun new cup (and so did Liam) for day 1 of our Potty Party Weekend.

3/15:  Success on day 1.