Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Discovery (April 14-21)

This week started with another trip to the beach.  The weeknights were spent mostly at home, detecting flashes, playing and sharing.  And it ended with an amazing trip to the Sydney aquarium.

April 14:  We headed over the bridge to Manly.  We were invited to my local manager's home mid-morning, but got an early start thanks to the early sunrise.  So, we checked out Manly beach.  And Liam got a new sand bucket and two scoops, which totally made his week.

April 14:  Brenna was pretty happy to sit in the sand and play with it.  She wasn't too happy to wear her hat, though.  The weather was gorgeous and the sun was strong, so we kept putting her hat back on.

April 15:  The gorgeous weather came to an end Monday night with some thunderstorms.  We don't get those at home, so Liam was fascinated by the lightening.  He grabbed his handy "flash detector" and spent a lot of the night on the balcony looking for lightening.

April 15:  He also pulled out the caterpillar tunnel we brought with us.  Brenna loved watching him crawl in and out of it.  She would have loved to join in, but she's skipped crawling and is working on walking instead.

April 16:  All of a sudden, Liam has gotten really good at working a tablet.  He can pick his own apps, play with them, and start/stop videos.  

April 16:  And all of a sudden, Brenna is clapping!  She figured out how to do it on Tuesday.  And then later the same week, she was pointing and waving and giving high fives.  A big week of firsts!

April 17:  Another post-dinner snack for Liam.  He rarely eats much at dinner these days, but he's always quite hungry the hour or so before his bedtime.

April 17:  Brenna still loves to share.  She had such a big grin sharing her apple slice.

April 18:  Brian made Liam a fort (which he named a "cave") in the couch tonight.  I think we'll be building a lot more caves while we're here.  

Brenna thought it was a great place to play hide and seek with Liam.  She was thrilled to "find" him when he'd pop out of his cave.

April 19:  Pre-bedtime parallel play. 

And then it quickly turns to this.  

April 20: It was pouring rain Saturday morning, so we decided to head to the aquarium.  

Liam was fascinated by the sting rays in this tank.   

And the guy feeding the dugongs (relatives of the manatee).  And the box with sand and brushes you could use to find creatures hidden in it.

Brenna loved her brother brush the sand.  And watching the fish swim around

Most of the tanks were right at the eye level of a kid in a stroller or a walking toddler.  

This one had glass all around, including the ceiling and floot.  Liam really wasn't sure about the floor, so I had to hold his hand as we walked through.

The last tank was a huge wall of glass, a big hit with the kids.  Brenna was reaching for fish and practicing her walking.

At the other side of the room, there was a camera and screen where you could see yourself and the tank behind.  And there was music to dance to.  Liam kept bopping up and down and commanding me to dance along with him.