Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Treats (February 3-9)

Lots of pictures this week of the kids just hanging out at home.

2/3:  You know when you get a picture of Brenna in her PJs that I forgot to snap a picture before bedtime.  Of course, you also know that Brenna goes to sleep and wakes up smiling a lot of the time?

2/3:  Liam likes to take pictures with my camera.  He was enjoying snapping pictures of the two of us.

2/4:  A happy girl in a sea of toys.  She likes getting a basket of toys and exploring its contents.

2/4:  Olivia now drives the tractor.  And she can scoop "concrete" into Liam's new wheelbarrow.

 2/5:  Someone sure does like her pack n play.  We don't use it too much but she doesn't mind it at all.

2/5:  Playing "saddle", where we bounce the kids on our knees and hum a little tune.  Liam loved it as a baby and still loves it.

2/6:  Bath toys!  Foam letters are delicious.

2/6:  Pouring water in and out of cups.  This is almost as fun as scooping and dumping rainbow rice.

2/7:  Happy girl with a sippy of water sitting on the kitchen island.

2/7:  It was raining, so I wore my rain boots to work.  Liam wanted to try them out.  They are nearly as tall as his legs.  But he still managed to walk up and down the hall in them.

 2/8:  Someone likes pinto beans!

2/8:  New art easel.  Liam really likes the new brushes and standing in his tower to paint.

2/9:  Brenna's best friend. 

2/9:  Liam helped me make Valentine's day cupcakes and taste test them!