Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smiles (January 27 - February 2)

This week was full of lots of fun smiles.  Brenna just loves playing with her brother and he is becoming more tolerant of her as the weeks pass.

1/27:  Brenna got a hold of my kale chips.  The bag did make a fun sound!

1/27:  Liam parked in front of "Momma TV" with lots of treats (ice cream and two donuts - that of course he didn't touch)!

1/28:  So happy to be sitting on the couch playing in her pjs.

1/28:  The smiles from Brenna were because Liam was playing with her.  She loves her big brother.

1/29:  The first of many wrestling matches.  Though hopefully the next one won't happen for a while.
 Playing "under covers" on the guest bed.  Liam loves to hide under the covers.

 1/31:  A few days late, but Brenna had her 7 month photo shoot!

1/31:  And, after the shoot, Liam wanted to give all the stuffed animals a ride.

2/1:  Having a drink at the "burrito place" while he waits for his order:  "chicken, and black beans, and pinto beans, and chicken!".

2/2:  Play ball!  Throwing the softball down the hall for Ravioli to chase.

2/2:  Someone sure loves to take a bath in the big tub!